Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sunny Friend Visit

This post is dedicated to our sunny friends from Arizona who traveled up north to hang out with me and the C-man for a weekend.  I was SO excited for them to arrive that the week leading up to The Big Visit seemed to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  Finally, Friday night arrived and I met them at the airport about an hour away from our house.

It only took about five seconds before Kelly and I delved into conversation that literally didn't stop until Monday evening when we dropped them back off at the airport.  Her little guy, Turner, (I'm in love with his name--and him b/c he's so stinking cute)  obviously realized that we were going to monopolize all the talk-time so he fell asleep in his car seat about 30 seconds after getting on the road.

We deliberately planned nothing in particular-- which was a good way for us to go.  Saturday morning was spent playing downstairs and then outside.  The weather cooperated well enough for us to walk to the park and spend time running, jumping, swinging, and sliding.

I'm IN LOVE with this picture.  In love.  
Spahnville's version of a sandbox-- works great inside too!

T loved climbing on the swingset

Apparently, the fresh air wore out the little tikes because they went down for naps without any problems-- of course, C was up very early because he wanted to play with Turner instead of sleeping-- which was understandable.  That evening, we ate chili, made corn bread muffins, and played and played and played some more.

The weather on Sunday was a bit cooler and we were happy that we had the chance to spend time outside the day before.  After our little Picasas painted pumpkins, my college friend and her little guy headed up to spend the morning with us and help tucker out our boys.  The 3 of them played so hard and slept so well (yay!) After naps, we did brave the cold a bit and headed out to the tennis courts-- where both boys could run freely--- in a fenced in area.  (Whoever thought tennis courts were just for tennis obviously never parented a toddler)  We played at the park until dark (dang daylight savings) and then hung out at home some more.

"Hearing" silence is a little scary.... until you realize what they are up to. :) 

This Arizona kid isn't used to being all bundled up!  

T had to check his email.  He's a busy boy. 
We didn't forget to get a group photo!  (Thanks Mase) 
Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and Monday was our last day together.  C & I returned to our "normal" routine that morning, and picked up our guests after lunch.  We had decided to play at the Children's Museum in Iowa City until supper, then head to the airport.  Unfortunately, we didn't check the hours and didn't realize it was closed on Mondays-- until we got there.  Charlie said, "Probably you should just pull the door harder, Mommy.  Then we can go inside."  It kinda broke my heart a little.  But we managed to have (a lot) of fun in the mall and everything worked out fine (as things tend to do).

I must publicly apologize to Kelly for not hugging her longer and harder at the airport-- it's just that I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes and knew it would be bad if I clung to her much longer.  So I gave her a quick squeeze and watched her head through security with her sweet boy.  After dropping them off at the airport, C and I headed home.  It's always a little sad to say goodbye-- especially to people who brighten up our lives so much!  Guess we'll just have to start planning our next reunion.  Right now.

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