Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick-or-Treat Take THREE

Yes, we really just celebrated C's THIRD Halloween.  

Here's a peek at my little luv puppy in 2010:
(Sorry, I could't figure out how to do a Picasa collage-- I'm a little out of practice!) 

 And a peek at my little pumpkin last year:

This photo was actually taken in january-- he just LOVED (and still loves) his pumpkin outfit and often would choose to wear it. 
And here's 2012! (My little mouse)
Preparing for "The Big Day"

C has been VERY excited about Halloween for the past few days.  (His curiosity was peaked when I tried to explain why he was going to wear Mickey Mouse ears and red shorts in a few days...) So... he wore his costume.... a lot.  He wore it to Kindermusik on Tuesday, he wore it carving pumpkins that night, and then he wore it at daycare on Halloween.

Last night, the time had finally arrived.  It was The Big Day.  The weather was warm enough for us to be out without winter coats (YAY) but it was cool enough that we wanted to get started right away.  However, since I worked all day yesterday, I felt frazzled trying to get everything accomplished before 5:30.  (How on EARTH do you full time moms who have full time jobs outside of your homes even function!?  I am totally incapable and quite envious of that ability.  I'm still recovering from the anxiety last night produced.) Anyway, M came home from work, changed clothes and tried to coax C into going trick-or-treating.  But he was occupied with new books that had arrived in the mail and we could barely get the kid out of the house.  (Not to mention, that I couldn't find the camera, extra mittens & hats, his little tail, the face paint, etc. etc.  which produced typical Sphanville anxiety which led to a pouty--albeit adorable--little mouse.)

An adorable little pout, don't you think?
But after knocking on a few doors, he got the hang of things and warmed up to the idea of people giving him candy.

Of course, as a parent, perhaps the most fun thing is watching your child have fun.  And my child was having fun.  Lots of it.  And when you're lucky enough to be in a happy and positive relationship with your child's daddy, it's pretty darn fun to watch them hold hands the entire time.  Super Duper Adorable.

But one thing I wasn't expecting was how much fun I had watching the faces of the people who opened their doors.

We live in a "well established" (older) "neighborhood" (not development).  And many of our neighbors have lived here for..... awhile.  When they opened their doors, their faces lit up at the sight of our adorable little mouse.  If only I could bottle up the light and warmth that came from the smiles on these weathered faces! Without getting too sappy, I felt like you could almost see the memories cross their faces-- memories of their own children and possibly grandchildren who have all grown up as children tend to do.  And as I watched them, and watched my two guys walk hand in hand from house to house, I tried to soak up the moment-- and remember how sweet it is---in more ways than just candy.

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