Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Illusion of a Snow Day

Well, since we just had two back to back snow days (Thursday and Friday) we've officially be on Christmas vacation for three whole days.  We were totally dumped on with snow Wednesday night, which, combined with the 40-50mph winds led to giant drifts, snow covered roads, and absolutely no way we could have school.  I should have been thrilled but honestly, snow days are a bit overrated in my book.

Perhaps it's because when I think of "Snow Day", I still think of what snow days meant in high school: sleeping in, reading books, watching movies, putting together puzzles, playing Monopoly, and maybe drinking Boone's Farm wine or strawberry vodka at someone else's house who didn't have teacher parents.  And I still haven't shifted into mommy brain yet.  (What will it take?) When I got the call about Thursday's snow day, I was excited for about two seconds and then I realized:  I'm going to be trapped inside my house all day long with a two year old.  I'm going to die.

Now, it turns out it wasn't horrible-- just pretty bad.  But we all survived.  C definitely beat me in the tantrum department, but if I'm being honest it was probably a close race.  I know I was put on the list for "Worst Mom of the Year" when I told C that he was driving me crazy and he put his little forehead on the counter and cried, "Don't say that Mommy!  I not drive you crazy!"  Note to self:  Use words like, "I need a moment.  Mommy wants privacy in the bathroom for five hours" or something like that.

It's not that I don't enjoy hanging out with him (that's my disclaimer), it's just that entertaining someone with an absurd amount of energy in one house when there is no possibility of going anywhere else (our driveway was totally blocked) is hard.  I even thought I had prepared for being trapped inside by checking out an ipad from school-- but that only led to frustration on my part when he kept swiping the screen back to the home screen and couldn't quit touching everything that wasn't supposed to be touched.  I also thought we could do some baking (you know how much C loves to help in the kitchen) but that only led to numerous tantrums when I insisted that he eat his super nutritious lunch of noodles and jello before sampling our goodies.  It was too windy and cold to actually go out and play in the snow, and even if the temperature had been warm enough, the wind had blown most of the snow in our yard into one huge drift between our house and the neighbor's-- not exactly "playing in the snow" snow.

To top it all off, I definitely got the award for "Worst Wife of the Year" by getting overly annoyed when M was mysteriously absent at 5:10.  (Where WAS he?!  My babysitting shift was over and he was late!  How dare he!?)  So, I did what any passive aggressive wife does.  I texted him at 6:15:
"Where are you!?!?"

He rolled in the door about two seconds later, covered in snow, and smelling of ripe diesel engine.  He had just spent the last 75 minutes out in the dark and freezing cold weather, clearing our driveway and several of our neighbors as well.  He cleared the drive of our 88 year old neighbor lady, whose son has a terrible back and could only do his own drive.  He cleared the neighbor guy's across the street, who was going to have to shovel his way out-- and the drifts had to be about 5 feet high.  And he cleared ours.  So that "my wife and kid could actually get out in case we have another snow day tomorrow".  Oy.  Why do I suck so bad?  I'm going to blame his mother on this one-- she just raised him right.  He's always doing nice things for other people-- especially me.  And I..... have no excuse.

And even though I may be a little bitter about the fact that I can't be a good care-taker for my child and still have 8 hours of free time I think I'll eventually get over it.  The good news is that we got through two snow days (thankfully C had a pajama Christmas party to go to at daycare on Friday-- he was ecstatic and so was I!) and one weekend day.  We're officially on the countdown till Christmas-- and I'm starting to look forward to it.  We can get through Sunday and hopefully Monday too.  Then we'll be busy with travels to Spencer and Dubuque which will kill most of the week and hopefully be fun and relaxing-- unlike our snow day.  But thankfully, I documented the snow day in typical fluffy facebook style, posting this adorable picture of something C did for 45 minutes, implying that our entire day was just a glorious day of snuggling, baking, giggling, crafting, & playing.  And that's what I'll remember, right?

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  1. Omgosh Karah! I crack up reading these blog posts about parenting because you describe everything I feel, say and experience! Haha. It's always a nice reminder that I'm not the only one who feels this way:) Hope you guys have a good holiday!