Friday, January 4, 2013

Goodbye 2012

So 2012 has come and gone and before I list some goals I have for 2013, I'll reflect on the goals I set for last year.  I'm not really one for "Resolutions" but I do like having goals.  (I'm honestly not really sure of what the difference is though) I don't do well with telling myself to drink more water or lose some weight, because I tend to get hung up on the fact that I've failed after one day.  And often, I get these thoughts in my head about things I want to do or accomplish, only to never actually start them.  By creating my 12 in '12 list, it gave me a map of what I really wanted to do during the year last year.

After 2010 and 2011, I really wanted to focus on me.  I know that probably sounds selfish, but during the first two years of C's life, I really sort of lost sight of me.  I rarely did things that I had enjoyed before C was born and as a result, felt really off-kilter.  So as I created my 2012 list, I wanted to include things that involved hobbies, health, our home, and recreation/ relaxation (isn't it bad that relaxing has to be a goal?).  Here's how they turned out:

1.  Scrapbook regularly -- YEP!  I have met with a group of ladies in Aplington on the 2nd Friday of most months to do some scrappin'.  Of course, I'm not caught up with anything but it's given me some time for myself and has reminded me of how important it is to for me to have a little crafty outlet. 

2.  Train for a race.  YEP!  Thanks to my friend, Carrie, I trained for and completed a sprint triathlon in June.  It made me remember how much I love them, so I trained all summer for another one which I completed in September.  

3.  Organize my iphoto library/ old photos.  Um, Sort of.  It's getting closer and now that we have a new laptop I have much more memory storage so this will go on my list of things to do in 2013 as well.  

4.  Work on my children's book illustrations.  Nope. Not even close. 

5.  Learn how to knit a Christmas stocking YEP! and NOPE.  (I learned how, but failed to finish the actual thing)

6.  Help someone in need.  Oooh, kinda.  I really needed to be more specific with this one.  I helped out but not in a giant way.  I will tweak this for 2013.

7.  Take a vacation.  YEP! We traveled to Arizona as a family of three and M & I got to enjoy spring break up at the cottage and a weekend in the twin cities by ourselves.  It wasn't Jamaica, but it was time alone and much needed. 

8.  Learn how to use my dslr camera and Photoshop.  YEP!  So glad I took the class-- it's amazing to think I had absolutely no knowledge of my camera this time last year.  

9.  Spruce up the guest bedroom.  NOPE.  Again, not even close.

10.  Write more letters.  YEP!  I'm pleased that I wrote almost a letter a month.  I don't think I quite did 12 letters, but I"m pretty sure I wrote around ten. 

11.  Play weekly golf in the summer.  NOPE.  I tried, really I did, but things just didn't work out.  However, I did play more golf than the summer before which makes me happy.  And, the three of us spent plenty of time on the golf course and I don't see that changing in the future!  

12.  Take the 2012 goodreads reading challenge again!  YEP!  I read 20 books in 2011 and made a goal of 25 in 2012.  At times, I thought I'd never get to 25, but I ended up reading 27 by the end of December.  (I'll post the list eventually)  

So overall, fully accomplishing 7 out of 12 goals makes me happy.  And kind of accomplishing 2 of the goals is cool too.  I revisited this list throughout the year, and tried to tend to some of the things on it.  It helped remind me of the things I wanted to accomplish during the year.  So tonight, I'm hoping to put together something similar for 2013.  13 in '13 perhaps?  

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