Thursday, February 28, 2013

And We Have a Three Year Old

Three years ago today, we met this sweet blue eyed little baby boy.

Who has grown into this sweet blue eyed little,  excuse me, big boy.

OMG, isn't he adorable?  

So before I get all mushy, I just wanna shout this:  We survived the 'terrible two's! And to all of you who told me, "Just wait until..... just wait until.... just wait until.... the terrible two's", guess what?  The two's were awesome!  Amazing!  Wonderful!  If his 'threes' are half as good as his 'twos', we are in for a fabulous year!   (Now why, on the other hand, didn't anyone warn me about the 'terrible two months'?)

Three years.  Three.  A three-year-old.  3T.  (Actually, he wears mostly 4T)  In some ways, it is unbelievable that these words are describing my little 7 pound baby.  But mostly, it's very believable.  When I think back on all the things that have happened in three years, the projects we've done, the places we've gone, the people we've met, the games we've played, the adventures we've taken... it's hard to believe it's only been three years.  My friends, we are busy people here in Spahnville.  We pack shit in.  We keep things hoppin'.  Until we need to lay low.  And we're good at doing that too.  Actually, we (the parental unit) are excellent relaxers (and we're trying to teach this to our child).

Most of this busyness is to keep this lady from going crazy, but it also forces me to constantly interact, to sit up and take notice of pretty much everything that is happening to Charlie.   I think I've mentioned before that I'm not crazy about the words, "Where did my baby go?" and "They grow up too fast!" and "I wish they'd stay little forever!"  In many ways, I feel that stating that their growth is happening too fast implies that I'm not around enough to witness it, which is simply not true.  I'm lucky enough to be with him for eight hours in the afternoon, which gives me the opportunity to witness his fine motor skills developing, or hear his vocabulary growing.  On any given day, I know which toy is the current favorite and what his newest "trick" is.   We've become 'buddies', which is pretty cool.  I think we actually really like each other and enjoy hanging together.  This is not to say we didn't like each other before, it's just nice that our activities are not just me watching him, or vice versa, and I don't have to necessarily entertain him-- his imagination is strong and vivid enough to entertain both of us quite well.   I honestly love watching him grow up and it excites me, not saddens me, when he accomplishes milestones and moves further away from baby and closer to grown up.  I love his personality; he's inquisitive and dramatic and has depth-- if a three year old can have depth.  He's thoughtful-- meaning, he really ponders things and thinks about so many details.  He's caring and empathetic beyond his years.  His heart is good, and I can't wait to see who he becomes and what he does with it in the future.

But for right now, here's a glimpse of Charlie today:

* Loves the color orange.  "It's my color"

* Has some crazy sensory issues:  #1.  Tactically Defensive (cannot handle clothes basically touching him.  Trying to get dressed in snow gear is usually a disaster) #2.  Optically Sensitive (I made up this diagnosis.  It means he hates bright lights and the sun.) #3.  Olfactorory Sensitive (I made up this diagnosis too but it means that he always notices the slightest smell.  "I smell some-tin.")

* Is cool with taking baths (finally!)

* Likes to "swim" in the bathtub and will even blow bubbles lately.

* Would eat sweets for every meal if possible, and his mood is directly related to his sugar intake-- it makes him super grouchy.  So, no sugary snacks during the week.  I'm so mean.  (But we're all happy!)

* Is athletic. Sort of.  Loves basketball, golf, soccer, and hockey.  We practice these a lot in the basement.

* Loves to be outside, but doesn't seem to be crazy about winter.

* Refuses to wear a winter coat in the car.

* Loves running around in his undies on the weekends.

* Is mastering the skill of jumping off the steps/ chairs/ couches, and is quite proud of this.

* Enjoys a good cup of coffee.  Especially his mothers White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks.

* Is obsessed. obsessed. with trains.

* Is a totally bookworm and can read for hours.  In fact, he uses reading to calm down when he has a giant tantrum.

* Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  And Dora.  And Thomas.  And probably a zillion other tv shows I don't even know about.

* Doesn't like to eat meat balls, but will eat "hot dogs shaped like meat balls".  These have become named, "hot balls" in our house.  Yeah, let's just leave it at that.

* Is always willing to help me out in the kitchen.

* Insists on having milk and water at supper.

* Is the worlds best (and tightest) hugger.

* Has an amazing vocabulary and loves creating big stories with his toys.

* Wears his heart on his sleeve, what you see is what you get.

As his parents, I know we are crazy about what we see and what we get.  I love watching this little guy grow and change right before my eyes.  I can't say that the past 365 days have passed in the blink of an eye (no, we have a billion digital photos to prove the opposite), but they've gone quickly and have been filled with many emotions.  And honestly, they have made me so excited to see what's in store in the next 365 days.  Happy birthday little buddy.  

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