Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing Binga

Several  months have passed since I've written about one of Charlie's dearest friends, Binga, who just so happens to be a figment of his imagination.  You may recall that Binga frequently started popping up in conversations last spring and summer, and he's continued to be part of this family.  Interestingly enough, Binga's life tends to mirror Charlie's.  Sometimes, I hear Charlie scolding Binga and putting him in time out.  A few times last fall, Charlie tested out tattling on Binga-- especially when Binga was using bad words.  A specific incident involved Charlie telling me, "Mommy, Binga said Dammit. That's a bad word."  Of course, I told Charlie that he is not allowed to say that word-- which he quickly reminded me that he actually didn't say it, and that it was Binga who had uttered the word.  Charlie was just the innocent reporter.  After that, we had a dinner conversation about which kinds of friends are allowed in our house-- we decided that if Binga was going to choose to use bad words, he could not play here.  That squelched Binga's potty mouth.  When Maddy died, Binga's dog died.  When Charlie had a fever, Binga had a fever.  When Charlie's mommy is mean, Binga's mommy is nice.  Obviously, I've gotten to know a lot about Binga.  But yesterday, I was playing with the voice recorder on my phone and decided to interview Charlie about his bff.  Here's the transcript.  Enjoy.

Me:  Okay Charlie, lets talk about Binga.  Charlie, how old is Binga?
C:  Three- Four!
Me:  Four. Okay.  And what does Binga look like?
C:  He looks like orange, pink, and everything.
Me:  How did you meet him? How do you know him?
C:  I just do.  I just know him.  I know where he lives!
Me: Where does he live?
C:  He lives across the river, that’s his backyard…way over there, that’s his other backyard… and then, that…..  is his baby’s. 
Me:  Oh, that’s his baby’s.  What does Binga like to do? 
C:  He likes to play all the games and drives his trucks all over to cities. 
Me:  He drives his trucks to cities? 
C:  Uh-huh.  And buildings, and a basket-port.
Me:  Hmmmm.  What cities does Binga like to drive his trucks to?
C:  Orange cities.  And bad cities. 
Me:  Orange cities and bad cities? 
C:  And good cities. 
Me:  Oh, and good cities too. 
C:  Yeah. 
Me: What’s Binga’s favorite thing to do? 
C:  He likes to play.  In his house.
Me:  Oh.  What color house does he live in?
C:  He lives in a red and orange and pink one.
Me:  Wow.  Does Binga have a mom and a dad? 
C:  Yeah. 
Me:  He does? 
C:  Yeah.  His mom is named, like, kinda your name! 
Me: Kinda like my name?  What is it?
C: Kinda like your name, but not.
Me:  Oh, do you know his mom’s name?
C:  Menah. 
Me:  Menah?
C:  Uh-huh.  And his dad’s name is like my dad’s name. 
Me:  What’s his dad’s name? 
C:  Moonah. 
Me:  Moonah?  Interesting.  Mehan and Moonah.  Does Binga have any brothers or sisters? 
C:  Yeah.  Loodle-doole-woodle-loodle. 
Me:  That sounds silly.
C:  It’s Lela and Lula.
Me:  What happened to Lela and Lula? 
C:  They just sleepin’ all winter. 
Me:  Hmmm. 
C:  I’m gonna go check on em right now!
Me:  Okay.  Anything else you want to tell me about BInga? 
C:  Well, he likes to catch fish from the river. 
Me:  Wow. 
C:  Yeah.  And he likes to bend over and stick his toes in the river. 
Me:  Oooh.  I bet that feels good. 
C: Yeah.  Just two of them. 
Me:  Well thanks for telling me about Binga.  That was fun!
C: Yeah.  


  1. I love it. Meenah and Moonah! To cute.

  2. He is so cute! And I love hearing about Binga. (Binga visited us in Spencer last week too!) Glad you were able to record him telling you about Binga. :o)

  3. This is so cute. You are going to be so glad you wrote this down when he's older. What an imagination!!