Tuesday, March 12, 2013

T Minus 5 Hours

(On my way to pick up Charlie so apologize for the lack of editing in this.... read at your own risk)

It's that time of year friends.  (Spring Break!)  Honestly though, after all the snow days and delayed school due to weather, we aren't really in need of a break, although we are definitely in need of spring. This year, for whatever reason, I have cabin fever so badly.  I've never longed for my flip flops like I have the past few months.  Every day seems to greet us with another tunnel of hazy fog and colorless white/grey sky.  On the rare occasion where the sun actually peeks through the clouds and teases us by revealing a tiny patch of blue sky, I can immediately feel my spirits lift.

Typically, I'm very ready to hole up inside and enjoy a few days to myself over spring break.  My parents are eagerly looking forward to hosting C at their house for a few days, and for the first time (yes, I'm going to admit that), I'm having some real anxiety about leaving him.  I'm worried about missing him and I have the slightest feeling that he's going to grow up in the next four days-- in the absence of my watchful eyes.  So this year, between the weather and the part where I leave my kid, I'm desperately trying to be excited about the potential of spring break.  I have my scrapbooking totes and tools ready, new magazines checked out from the library, a half-finished audio book, two paperback books I've just begun to read, a puzzle with a bright photo of tempting donuts, and three knitting projects already on needles, gently tucked into baggies-- all of this is ready for our journey up North.  Judging by my packing list, you would think I'm going into solitary confinement for a month.  I'm hoping to be productive with my time-- in leisurely ways.  Does that make sense?  

But as I mentioned before, what I really need right  now is spring.  I need some sun.  I need some air.  I need some open space to walk and run and jump and stomp and explore and play.  I need some connecting with the Earth time-- geeky and crazy as that may sound.  (There's a reason my college roommate's hubby always called me "Nature Girl")  So, in addition to the supplies mentioned above, I have my snow pants, boots, hats, mittens, gloves, snowshoes, and cross country skis packed up too.  This year, Eagle River has received over five FEET of snow-- actually, the snowfall has been something crazy like 69"-- and you wonder why it's called the snowmobile capitol of the world?  With all this snow, I'm hoping that I'll be motivated to hike, snowshoe, and ski during the next few days.  These adventures outdoors will be bittersweet this year, as we are quite obviously missing our four legged friend who would have loved this much snow.  We are bringing Maddy's ashes with us, to scatter among her favorite places.  The thought of this makes my chest tighten a little bit and the realization that I'll be trekking across the lake independently makes me need pause and take in a deep breath.  

This trip may be different.  The scrapbook tote may remain closed, the puzzle may remain tightly wrapped in shiny cellophane, and my hands may only knit and purl the soft yarn while we ride in the car.  Perhaps I won't be as 'productive' as originally thought, but if I can snowshoe my way though spring break, then maybe I'll reconnect to this Earth and return with a bit more optimism to get me through these final weeks of winter.  I'll keep ya posted.  :)  

Winter of 2006 (??), the last time we saw a huge amount of snow up at the cottage. If you peer closely at the photo, you will notice that the basement has a walk-out garage under the deck.... yep, the snow had fallen all the way up to the deck.  Well over three feet was actually on the ground.  Ah, Wisconsin.  

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