Sunday, March 24, 2013

Writing Prompt # 7: Favorite Movies

I'm a little behind on my writing prompts because I've been doing more writing for my Creative Writing class.  That, coupled with the fact that this prompt made my mind shut down like it used to when I was about to take an Algebra test.  I thought about tossing this idea out all together, but I'm going to try to muddle through this prompt.

First of all, this prompt seems so cliché -- like something college kids might talk about on a first date, not something you really write about.

Second of all, I'm not a huge movie buff. I enjoy movies, but I easily get bored watching them. In high school, I always fell asleep watching movies.  Now, I find myself being more interested in "House Hunters" than a movie rental.  

Third of all, I get confused easily.  I forget most plots, I can't keep characters straight, I sometimes mix up what plot happened in which movies.  I never know what my husband is talking about when he quotes movie lines.

And lastly, I can't ever remember what we've seen, especially when asked about my favorite movies on the spot.  If, however, someone happens to be talking about a movie and how much they enjoyed it, it might jog my memory enough to participate in the conversation.

But as I promised, I'm going to try to complete this prompt.  So here goes.  Let's break it down.

My favorite movies when I was a kid/growing up:
*  Sesame Street's "Follow That Bird"-- holy tear jerker!!  Cried my eyes out in the theater.
*  Mr. Mom-- always reminded me of my dad taking care of Sister and me when mom was in college
*  E.T.--for obvious reasons.
*  The Little Mermaid-- I think I thought I was part mermaid as a kid
*  Dirty Dancing-- the raciest thing I'd ever seen as a fourth grader!  oooooo-weeee!
*  Sixteen Candles-- oh my gosh, Jake Ryan, you are still so cute.

Favorite Movies in high school and college:
*  Dead Poet's Society-- Oh Captain my captain!
*  Titanic-- Mr. Jack Dawson, you stole my 20 year old heart.
*  The Breakfast Club-- I related to every single character on some level.

Favorite Movies as an adult:
*  Harry Potter Series
*  Slumdog Millionaire
*  The Blind Side

But my very favorite movie has to be Love, Actually.  It's the only movie I really wouldn't mind watching every day. I love the message of love being all around and  I feel like I would be friends with every one of the characters. There's also the fact that it's a Hugh Grant movie and well, I just adore Hugh Grant.   The movie has become special to Mason and me as it's part of our Christmas tradition-- watching it on Christmas Eve together. I've seen the movie probably a hundred times and every single time I cry during the opening airport scene.  Yes, it's a chick flick.  Yes, it's a romantic comedy.  But at some point, this little romantic comedy became my favorite movie.  And sometimes, when I am particularly surrounded by nasty stuff, I try to remind myself that love really is, all around.


  1. love the Bird, special place in my heart. Love Actually does exist (every Christmas for us too!!)...Amen

  2. "Now, I find myself being more interested in "House Hunters" than a movie rental."

    Me too. And you know why? Because there's no pressure in following House Hunters. The formula is comforting.

    I also love the movie Love Actually. I keep forgetting about the adult actors, though, which is unfortunate if I try to watch it when my kids are walking around.