Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Wheels, They Were a Turnin'

You may have noticed that I tend to avoid posting anything relating to potty training online.  This is intentional, mostly because I really hate reading about other people's cherubs who are successfully (or not) learning how to use the toilet.  I've come to the conclusion that nobody really cares whether or not your child poops in the potty-- except maybe your mom and mother-in-law.  In which case, you can text them.

So while I'd like to avoid discussing C's toilet habits, I need to mention them briefly here.  (That's my disclaimer)

C has been pretty successfully "potty trained" since he was about 2 1/2.  Honestly, I have no idea what we did or how it happened so I'm of absolutely zero help if asked about our "method" for daytime training.  There wasn't one.  And the same is true for the nighttime training as well.  We put him in Pull-Ups forever and eventually, put him in undies at night when he had been dry for so many mornings in a row.  When we traveled, we just crossed our fingers that he wouldn't have an accident, and we ended up lucking out.  Of course he had an accident here and there, but nothing really bothersome or to cause us concern.

Until two weeks ago.

Nothing had changed in our patterns or home life, except that C had accident after accident at night.  His weary parents swiftly changed sheets, undies, and pj's and tucked him back into bed within a matter of minutes, but the jig was getting old.  It was getting old fast.  After four nights of accidents, one night with a double-accident, M & I threw up our arms in exasperation.  What are we going to DO?!  (I'd like to point out that M was freaking out about this much more than me.  The fact that I was sort of the calm one still makes me happy.) 

We decided that we'd dig out the unused Pull-Ups and training pants (remember those rubber things that pull on over undies?) and start using those at night.

The next day, I brought the box of Pull-Ups into C's room and sat down on his floor.

"Do you know what these are?"  I asked C.

"Pull-Ups!" he said.

"Yep.  And do you know why I brought them up here?"

C looked at me skeptically and shook his head.

"Well, it seems like you're doing such a good job sleeping that your brain is having a hard time remembering to wake up when you have to go potty.  And we've had a lot of nights where you peed in your jammies, right?"

"Yeah.  But just a little pee," he held his thumb and index finger together to signal how tiny of amount of pee had likely escaped his body.

"Well, actually it was kinda a lot of pee.  Enough to make your sheets all wet and yucky."

"And my blanket," he corrected.

"And blanket," I acknowledged. "But it has happened a lot of times so Daddy and I think that maybe you should wear a Pull-Up when it's bedtime."

His face clouded over and he furrowed his brows.  "But Pull-Ups are for babies.  I'm not a baby."

I explained that sometimes even big boys wear Pull-Ups at night time.  M mentioned that he also had accidents when he was a little boy.  Charlie seemed to think about this.   He was silent for a moment.

"If I pee in the Pull-Up then my sheets won't get wet?" he asked.

"That's right.  It'll help keep your jammies and sheets dry."

Again, he was silent.  He appeared to be thinking.  Shit.  Oh shit.  I saw it.  The wheels.  The wheels in his head were turning.  But before I could back-pedal, it was too late.

"I can wear a Pull-Up all night long and pee in it and it's okay," he said slowly.  Then he continued, "I can wear a Pull-Up tomorrow.  I want to wear a Pull-Up to Nicole's house.  Then I can play in my Pull-Up and then I can pee when I'm playing!  I don't want to wear underwear! I like Pull-Ups!"

Crap. Crap. Crap. (no pun intended)

I tried to undo this thought as fast as I could.

"Well, Pull-Ups only hold a tiny dribble of pee.  They don't hold a whole bunch of pee..." I stammered.  I looked up at Mason for reinforcement of any kind.  His face seemed to be stuck in the "oh crap" expression.

I'm honestly not sure how we muddled our way out of that conversation, stressing that Pull-Ups aren't diapers and only hold a little tiny amount of pee and aren't supposed to be worn during for daytime peeing.  I'm pretty sure our ramblings and "logic" made zero sense to anyone, let alone a 3 year old boy who would rather pee in a Pull-Up than quit playing.  And though he resisted, we got him into undies the next morning and the idea of wearing a Pull-Up all day has been momentarily abandoned.  I'm a little worried that the idea is still lingering in his brain.  I'm even more worried with what ideas he's going to come up with next.


  1. Are you telling me they can regress?...NOoooooo! I hope to shout this does not happen in our house, but it seems most things that happen to your little one are also things we experience shortly thereafter. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this is an exception:) oh, and good luck;)

    1. Haley, I am sorry to inform you that in my well thought out and expertly implemented parenting experience, we always experience regressions. With everything. Sleep, eating veggies, potty training... I've come to the realization that some days they're gonna do great and other days well, it's just not happening.