Monday, April 22, 2013

We Had it Glowing On

Friends, we're in a funk here in Iowa.  April has been more cloudy, rainy, cold, and windy than I ever remember.  I honestly feel like an elephant has been sitting on my chest for a month, and it's not because I have heart disease.  Although, in a way I suppose it is.  My heart is just aching for some decent weather.  My body is almost crying out loud for Vitamin D.  I've been moody and irritable and short-tempered.  Just when we think spring has possibly arrived, we're pummeled with another week of winter-like weather, complete with freezing rain and the dreaded "S" word.  It really is getting unbearable.

But months ago, one of my aunts suggested we participate in The Glow Run, an evening 5K to be held in Des Moines.  At the time, April 20th sounded like a great time to do a 5k-- but as the date drew closer, and Mother Nature forgot to change the dial to "spring", I started to doubt how fun this was actually going to be.  On Friday, as I buried my head into my winter coat with the wind whipping my hair around my face, I was less than thrilled about the upcoming Glow Run.  M was not very empathetic when I returned home, pointing out: You are going to freeze your ass off.  And You're going to be saying plenty of swear words during that run. 

So I was pleasantly surprised to wake up Saturday and notice that unfamiliar bright orb in the Eastern sky.  It was big and glow-y and seemed to give off a blindingly bright light.  I had long given up on Annie's prediction about the sun coming out tomorrow, but this time she was right-- there it was!  The day ended up being gorgeous-- not warm, exactly, but sunny will do when you haven't seen the sun in a few dog years.  And isn't it funny what the sun will do to a person's mood?  Suddenly, I felt excited, even a little energetic about getting our glow on.

We all met for a healthy pre-race meal of nachos, pizza, and beer before donning our glow-gear and venturing to the race.  Downtown was packed, with parking ramps full and random spaces few and far between.  But my uncle Mark was calm & collected, never once getting frazzled-- even while driving six women in glow gear around in a minivan.  We happened to snag a lonely parking place right across from the festivities-- thanks to our awesome chauffeur-- and headed over to the start line.

First a few pre-race photos:

The whole kit 'n kaboodle:
(Yes, Lisa and I wore winter coats under t-shirts, and yes she's wearing Ugg boots.)

Aren't my relatives the cutest? (Next time I have got to find some pink tights and make a tutu)



I've been involved in a good share of 5K races, and this was by far the coolest and most fun.  I love that these races are gaining popularity-- more people are realizing that 5Ks are not limited to elite runners and speed walkers.  And any time you get a few thousand people on the streets in crazy outfits with loud music and glow sticks, you know it's going to be a good time.  Some may poo-poo little ol' Des Moines, Iowa, but seeing the city at  night, alive with the sights and sounds of downtown and the color of thousands of participants was pretty amazing.

And what other 5K are you encouraged to stop along the way and take pictures!?

I love this one of Sister with the bridge and all the runners behind her~


And at the end of all that fun, we received these sweet medals!  They are huge and chunky and of course, they glow in the dark!

This run came at the perfect time for me.  I needed a boost of color-- definitely got that.  I needed to get out and move and breathe-- definitely got that too.  And as always, it was fun to hang out with my family that I don't see nearly often enough. 

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  1. My BFF turned 40 on the day of the Glow Run, so we started a team. My brothers and their wives came along too, as did our Cousin M. It was fun!

    You are doing SUCH a good job of blogging lately. I have got to follow your lead.