Monday, May 6, 2013

Guest Post from Sir Charles of Spahnville #1

(Conversation from Friday, May 3)

Me:  Hey Charlie, do you want to write a guest post on my blog?
C:  Oooh  yeah. ......  But I kind of don't know what it is.
Me:  Why don't you just tell me about your day and I'll type it on the computer?
C:  Oooh yeah!  Wa-hoo!

Me:  Okay, so what did you do today?
C:  I hanged out wif my friends at Nicole's house.  But just for a little bit.
Me:  Yeah, it was a short day, wasn't it?
C:  Mmm-Hmm.  It got all cold today.  And it's windy.  And what does "cold" start with?
Me:  Cold?  It starts with the letter "C"
C:  But Binga starts with "B".
Me:  Yep.
C:  And I start with "C".  Charles Steven Spahn is "C".
Me:  Yep.  Kind of.
C:  You should write, 'Dear Computer, Binga starts with "B"'
Me:  You want me to write that on the computer?
C: Well, kind of. On the letter part.
Me:  I thought you were going to tell me about your day.
C:  It was noffin' really. Sorry. (cocks his head and frowns)
Me:  Well, maybe we'll try again another time.
C:  Can I watch Diego?

Sigh.  First guest post ever was kind of a bust.  Any other takers?

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