Sunday, May 19, 2013

Guy Time

This post was written last summer, but never published.  

Mason just returned from his annual spring golf trip tonight and I thought it was pretty fitting. 

What a cutie! 
While M & I  *try* to do our fair share of "girl time" and "guy time", the truth is probably that I'm a little better at it than he is.  Yes, he golfs once a week during the summer, but other than that, he's kind of a homebody.  (And I secretly like it.)  I also am a homebody (and I like that too), but it feels like I get some girl time because I get to see some of my good friends at work during the school year, I see some of my non-work friends during the summer (especially the teacher friends who also have summers off), I try to scrapbook (I use that term very loosely) once a month, and this summer, I'm bound and determined to golf more.

Although M feels like he should spend his "off work" time with C & me, I've tried to encourage him to  take a guys weekend with his friends.  Summer is a stressful time for Mase, with the craziness of work, but finally, he and his BFF (do guys have bffs?) pinned down a date on the calendar and are headed up to the Northwoods for a few days of non-stop fishing.

The two of them will only be gone for a couple days, and C & I have TONS of possibilities to do here while they are gone.  I have some things I'd like to work on around the house and I've been kind of looking forward to hogging the remote in the evenings. (Not to mention choosing my kindle over laundry, dishes, and the usual chores.)

But now, as I type this post, it's just too quiet here.  No annoying man shows about fishing for crabs, driving on iceburgs, or chopping down trees, no one to toast my nightcap, and nobody to grab my computer charger for me. C's in bed, Maddy is lying on the floor, and it just feels like something someone is missing.

That saying of "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is running through my head right now because it's just so true.  We get so used to the people in our lives--even take them for granted at times--though we tell ourselves every day to appreciate and be thankful for them. But daily life just marches on and the doldrums of routine sometimes dull our appreciation of those who mean the most to us.  But give us a little time away from those loved ones and we instantly remember why we are so drawn to them.  Their annoyances become humorous and their ideosyncrenicies become endearing.  And since we know that (Universe willing) this little separation is only for a minute, it allows us to step back, rekindle, and be excited to see that person again.  (We might even secretly miss the annoying man shows they watch at night-- and maybe, just maybe, sneak a little peak-- although we would never admit it.)

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