Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More Charlie-isms

I have got to do a better job of writing these things down.  I think I'll remember them forever, and then I can't remember them for five minutes.  (Please tell me I'm not alone) Here are a few from the more recent past:

Last winter, we read the book, "The Little Engine That Could".  It's perfect for Charlie right now because of his obsession with trains.  That, and the fact that he has a mild temper that easily escalates into a full-blown tantrum over the most stupid things. Anyway, the other night, he's tugging at his socks-- trying without success to get them off.  (Even though he could do this task at 6 months, it's suddenly super frustrating for him now-- go figure.)

C:  Uggggggh!!  I HATE these socks!  UUUGGGGGGH!
C:  I think I can I think I can I think I can.  I am a train going up the big mountain!  But I CAN'T get these socks off!!!  UGGGGH!!!

Choosing a game to play before bedtime:
C:  Let's play my new game.
Me:  Which game?
C: Guns and Ladders
(take a moment to let that one sink in... I know it took me a second to figure it out)

While driving past the lake in Dike, Charlie pipes up from the back seat:

Me:  Mmmm-Hmmmm.
C:  Are there alligators in the lake?
Me:  No, alligators don't usually live in lakes.
C:  But sometimes they do.
Me:  Maybe.  But I think they live in swamps.
C:  No, they don't live in swamps.  I tink dey live in maybe Iowa.
Me:  Well, Iowa gets pretty cold and I don't think alligators like the cold.  I think they live places like Florida.  Maybe Alabama or something.
C:  Or Iowa.  Or Some-tin.........  Binga has an alligator.  At his house.  In Iowa.
Me:  Really?
C:  Oooh Yeah.  He has 2 pink alligators.
Me:  Pink ones?
C:  Mmm-hmmm.  And free red ones.  That's dis many.  (holding up 3 fingers)
Me:  Wow, I didn't know alligators came in colors.  Or lived in Iowa.
C:  And he has five white ones.  But only one orange one.  Orange just like Binga's hair.

At Kindermusik, the teacher was getting out the hoppity balls.  Usually all the kids are thrilled to use these.  I noticed C didn't have one, once they were all passed out.
Teacher: He told me he didn't want a hoppity ball.
C:  I don't need a hoppity ball.  I can hop just fine on my feet. (proceeds to jump all around the room) See?  I'm just like a kangaroo! I don't need a hoppity ball.

As I walked in to pick C up from daycare, the kids were just putting on shoes and getting ready to head out the door.  He came around the corner, saw me and said,

C:  Oh Mommy.  (big overdramatic frown)  We're just gettin' ready to go outside and play.  I can't come home with you.  Saw-wee.  (cocks his head, raises his eyebrows, and shrugs his shoulders with his hands up)  Bye bye.

Settling down for rest:
C:  Mommy, can you tell me a story?
Me:  Mmm-hmmm.  Let's see...
C:  About when you were a little goyl?
Me:  Okay.   When I was a little girl, I went to a school called Fairview Elementary. 
C:  Oooh!  Did it have fairies there?
Me:  Well, no.  But that would have made sense.
C:  Did it have godmothers?
Me:  Gosh, I don't think so but that would have been super cool.
C:  I wish I can go to a school with godmothers.  When I get big and huge.

I managed to drop a bottle of nail polish from the cabinet the other morning as we were knee-deep in the hustle-bustle of the morning routine.  The bottle shattered, spilling thick dark nail polish everywhere.  It immediately soaked into the tile and the sink, splattered the walls, the shower, the rugs, and me.  As I was dripping the lovely shade of"Lincoln Park After Dark", I yelled an explicative and M came running to the rescue with C trailing behind.  Charlie looked at me and said, 

"Oh Mommy, you should not do that ever again."
"I know honey, but it was an accident.  And there is sharp glass on the floor so I need you to go in your room for a little bit and have some Charlie time."
"Okay.  And you should never do that again.  But it's okay.  Because I still love you."


  1. Guns and ladders. Bwahahaha.

    These are so great. Keep 'em coming.

  2. Hahahaha ha. Thanks for the laughs.