Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Spahnville "I Love You" Game

I'm not really sure when it started but somewhere in the past year, during the hum-drum of daily life, the "I love you game" was born. Usually, Charlie will say something like this:  "Can we do that I LOVE YOU! thing?" And of course, I will say yes.  And what happens next is some variation of this:

(the key to the game is placing different emphasis on different words... and lots of shouting)

C:  I LOVE you!

Me:  No, I love YOU! 

C:  No, I LOVE you!

Me:  No, I love YOU!

C:  I just LOOOOOVE you!  So much!  MOMMY!  (Big tight squeeze here, sometimes accompanied by a love-head-butt)

Me:  I love YOU CHARLIE!

C:  And I love your NOSE!

Me:  And I love your FACE!

C:  I Love DADDY TOO! And I love you BOFE! I love everyone in the whole wide woy-ald!

Me:  Oh buddy, If everyone in the whole wide world knew you, I bet they would love you too.

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