Sunday, May 26, 2013

This is real life

I love/hate reading the crazy popular mommy blogs with thousands of followers and adorable pictures of their families.  The blog authors whine about daily atrocities just like me and then tie everything up with a nice little bow at the end of their posts-- a little disclaimer that they are cheery and bright eyed and actually loving mommy-hood.  And they post photographer quality photos taken with their iphone of babies sleeping on the beach (where do these people find babies who sleep anywhere?), mamas looking gorgeous under wide brimmed hats, and picture perfect poses with their darlings.  

Of course, since I don't live near a beach, capturing daily life beach shots are hard to come by in Spahnville.  But every once in awhile, we have a Saturday morning that just rocks.  It's fun and easy going and laid back and busy and productive all at the same time.  It includes pancakes and smiles and laughter and dancing and chasing around the kitchen island.  It does not include cute swimming suits peeking out behind wide brimmed hats.  It does not include hair products or eye liner or fresh clothes before noon.  And this, my friends, is real life.

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