Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You can't rain on our (Memorial Day) parade

So much for a sunny, bright, fire-up-the-grill, play at the park, Memorial Day Weekend.  We have had almost a week of rain, and our one hundred day forecast is for rain and more rain.  And like the weather outside, my mood on Saturday was pretty dark and glum.  I couldn’t feign excitement about spending another weekend trapped inside—especially after The winter that almost never ended.  I was racking my brain for things we could do inside, but short of baking cookies and painting rocks and building forts (none of which sounded tempting), I was stumped.

Mase came home from work and picked up on my mood almost immediately.  While C was having “Charlie Time”, Mason suggested we head somewhere for the weekend—get a hotel room and make a night out of it.  I think I had the suitcase packed before he finished stating his proposal. 

We ended up heading down to Iowa City—no plans in mind, just getting out of Dodge for the night.  Our only requirement in finding a hotel was that it have a pool—and we were in for an extra treat because the hotel we chose had a full-sized waterslide as well.  And while we were talking up the waterslide, C let us know the hotel was perfect because ….a train track was right next to our room.  How awesome.

We settled into our room, watched a little TV, and then drove across the street to Chili’s for supper.  After filling our bellies with chips and salsa and chocolate milk, we hit the pool.  While C was a little hesitant of the slide at first, it was only a matter of minutes before he was begging to go down multiple times.  So that’s what we did. 


On Sunday morning, C was up and begging to get back in the pool by 6:00 am.  Sadly (thank God), the pool didn't open until 8:00.  And while he wasn't exactly thrilled to do it, Charlie reluctantly agreed to do some reading and coloring until at least 6:30.  Thanks buddy.

After eating breakfast, we trekked down to the pool again for more trips down the slide.  The only thing that could have made the morning better would have been if a large piece of steel magically ran across that train track…which is exactly what happened.  C’s excitement as he stood there, shivering in his little swim trunks, pointing and watching the train outside was beyond cute.  He’d yell out, “Hopper Car!”  “Box Car!” and fidget with his goggles, hoping to get a better view. He was a bit disappointed when we dragged him out of the pool, but we softened the blow by promising him a trip to the Iowa Children’s Museum. As always, the museum and mall festivities were fantastic.  (And ordering off the children’s menu at Bennigan’s results in a free carosoul ride!)

Serving up a little deep dish for Daddy
Testing out his super huge really fast rocket



C could have stayed at the mall all day (the perfect place to kill tons of time) but we were ready to head home.  A few tears and one Oreo cookie bribe later, and we were piled back into the car, homeward bound.  We hadn’t even reached the interstate when we glanced back and saw this:

Mission accomplished:  Soggy, yet fun-filled family weekend.   

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