Saturday, July 6, 2013

Chi-Town Photo Book!

All this sadness is making me..... well, sad.  So let's look at some photos taken before the sadness-- the weekend before, actually.

Here's the scoop: My dad is a huge Cubs fan-- despite their awesome losing record.  We "grew up" going to Cubs games and spending time in Chicago every few summers.  So for his 60th birthday, Liz & I gave Dad two tickets to a Cubs game-- a little getaway in the city for him and my mom (happened to be on their 40th anniversary too!).  The only thing he didn't know was that eleven other people were going to show up and crash his party!

We've never taken Charlie into the city, so we turned this little weekend trip into a mini summer vacation.  At the time, things didn't seem to be falling into place very well (the weather, the traffic, the excursions), but it ended up being a perfect trip.  (hmmm.... how's that for an ironic analogy of this thing called life?)  Looking at the pics makes me a little achy about the "what if's", but I can't help but feel grateful for the gifts in my life.

Rather than post the pics on the blog, I'm linking the photo book here.  Check it out!

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