Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Playgrounds & Picnics

If you are what you eat, then Charlie is on his way to turning into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with grapes for eyes, an apple slice smile, and Bugle-chip fingernails.   Healthy?  Probably not.  Convenient?  Yes, definitely.  And I'm all about convenient when it comes to throwing things together for a picnic with a three year old.  

I wish I had some idea of how many picnics we've gone on this summer, how many times we've played at the park, how many road trips we've taken up to Parkersburg to play at the "really big red park". But the truth is that I've definitely lost count.  Our handy green picnic basket is always at the ready, our pantry is stocked with peanut butter and we buy a new jar of jam at the Farmer's Market every Thursday.  Thanks to Hy-Vee and their awesome selection of pre-cut cantaloupe and fruit, we even "healthify" our picnics a bit.  Throw in some Bugles and a water bottle and we're good to go.  

On Sunday, Mason played in a golf outing so I asked Charlie what he wanted to do while Daddy was gone.  He told me that he wanted to find a new park and have a picnic.  Honestly, I was feeling pretty lazy about venturing out, but  after being to all the parks within 15 miles, a new park sounded pretty good to me.  I remembered that there was a huge wooden playground in Waverly, which is about a 45 minute drive so I asked Charlie if that was okay. 

Me:  Well, there's a pretty cool park but we'd have to drive in the car for awhile.  It's all made out of wood. 
C:  Oooh yeah, I like that one.
Me:  But we'll have to drive for awhile, is that okay?  
C:  Oh yeah.  Because you know, we won't have to drive for days.  Just a little while.  

So we bundled up in long sleeves and pants (can you believe this weather!?  It ticks me off but more about that later), hopped in the van and headed up to Waverly.  We skipped the picnic (we were out of bread and fruit!) and opted for "Old Mc. Donald's" instead.  Aside from the part when we had to actually leave the park, there was nothing but smilin' from the two of us.  

It would have been so much easier to hang out in Grundy that Sunday, to not spend the gas money on a drive or the $10 on McDonald's.  It would have been easier to have lunch at our own counter and guarantee a little rest time after lunch, but I have to admit that it sure felt nice to go on a little adventure.  


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