Monday, August 12, 2013

Growing up on the Green

Although this summer has definitely had some bumps in the road, one of the high points has been the time we've spent on the golf course as a family.  I'm not going to claim to be a great golfer, but the game runs deep in my DNA. I remember putting golf balls into coffee mugs placed around our living room and chipping into hula-hoops placed in the back yard.  I remember playing around on the driving range with my paternal grandparents, and spending evenings on the local municipal course with my parents.  Golf has, it seems, naturally remained a part of my adult life as well.  It helps that Mason also enjoys the game and it gives us something 'productive' to do together.  

Because golf is something we value, it only makes sense that we would introduce it to Charlie.  It's never to early to learn the game and the etiquette, right?  He's been on the golf since he was about 18 months old, but this year things really seemed to click.  His attention span is longer, his interest in the game has increased, and he's taking direction a teeny tiny bit better.  Typically, he plays from the fringe, and puts back and forth across the green.  Occasionally, when very few people are out, we'll have time to let him hit from the tee box or the middle of the fairway, which is extra exciting to him.  He's such a good little guy, riding around in the golf cart and waiting his turn-- we've even been able to play nine holes a few times-- with no whining or complaining!

Last weekend, we had the chance to take the grandparents out on the course.  I'm not sure who had more fun.

Ama has the coolest putter 'sucker-upper'-- someone was thrilled


I love this hobby.  And all it takes is a calm summer evening, a favorite Jimmy Buffet song, some bright orange golf clubs, one orange golf ball, one pink ball, and maybe an adult beverage or two, and you've got yourself a recipe for perfection on the links.

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