Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This is the Iowa State Fair

Yesterday, Charlie and I road-tripped down to the Iowa State Fair.  He-was-thrilled.  

Last night, I asked him what his favorite part of the fair was.  Here's the conversation: 

Me:  Charlie, did you have fun at the Fair?  

C:  Yes.  Soooo much fun! 

Me:  What was your favorite part?  

C:  The boats!  With the real water! And I bumped into people! 

Me:  Oooh yes, those were really fun!  But I thought you liked the farming part.  

C:  Oooooh yes!  I loved that.  That was my favorite part.  And then I got muffins for a treat. 

Me:  But I thought that the sky glider was your favorite part. 

C:  The big way-high-in-the-sky thing?  Oh yeah.  THAT was my favorite! 

Me:  Oh wait, I thought the giant slide was your favorite. 

C:  Ooooh yes!  I LOVED that!  And is zoomed us down so fast and I laughed at all the bumps! 

Me:  That slide was fun, but what about that horse show? I thought that was your favorite. 

C:  Oooh!  I loved those horsies.  But they were huge and one scared me when I got close to it. 

Me:  I loved the horse show.  Oh, but I loved the trains.  Did you like the trains? 

C:  Oooh!  The trains were my favorite! And there was a tunnel and a bridge and all the trains zoomed along the track.  And there was an orange engine! 

Me: I'm pretty sure you could have watched those trains all day.  You didn't want to leave, did you. 

C:  No. I cried.

Me:  But I think you had some fun with Vincent, right?
C:  (nods) We made silly faces.

Me: It was a pretty fun day.  I think I liked the food.  Did you?  

C:  I liked the donuts!  And the footlong! 

Me:  I think it was a good day, wasn't it? 

C:  Mm-hmmm.  I was crying when we left.
Me: I know sweetie.  But we'll go back again someday.  I promise.  

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