Saturday, September 14, 2013

If You Give a Mom a Night Off...

Last night I had a few hours of free time in our own house.  It inspired me to write this little ditty: 

If you give a mom a night off, she'll decide to get caught up on her scrapbooks.

She'll head downstairs to her craft room and realize she needs some music.  So she'll dig out a bunch of old cd's.

The old cd's will remind her of college so she'll decide to look through some college pictures.

On her way to get the photo album, she'll pass the kitchen and see there are a few dishes to do.

She'll do the dishes and the bubbles will remind her of laundry soap so she'll throw in a load of laundry.

In the laundry room, she'll see a pile of wrinkly clothes so she'll decide to do some ironing.  She'll haul the ironing upstairs and get out the ironing board.  The pattern on the ironing board will remind her of a vintage tablecloth picturing fresh veggies.

Fresh veggies will remind her of the excess of tomatoes and onions and peppers on her kitchen counter.  She'll decide to puree the tomatoes and slice the veggies to store in the freezer.

She'll take the veggie scraps out to the cornfield and notice the plants that need watering.  The dry soil will remind her of the spider plant on her counter that needs to be transplanted.

She'll head to the basement to find a larger pot for her spider plant and will discover her acrylic paints.

The paints will remind her of the doorstop she's been meaning to paint.  She'll grab the paints and head outside to find a rock to use for the doorstop.

On the way outside, she'll trip over the laptop cord and notice the computer is almost dead.  She'll plug it in and decide to check her email.

Checking her email will make her think of all the things she accomplished tonight.  She'll want to write them all down so she'll go find a pen.

The pen will remind her of writing and journaling in her scrapbooks.  She'll browse Etsy for new scrapbooks and think about buying one.

And chances are, if a mom buys a new scrapbook, she'll need a night off to work on it.

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  1. LOVE this!!

    It's how I imagine I'd spend a night off, should I ever be lucky enough to have such a thing. :)