Sunday, December 8, 2013

November Recap

Here we are, cruising through December and I'm struggling to figure out what exactly happened to the month of November.  Thankfully, I have a camera phone that helps me remember a bit.  Without that, I'm sure I'd only remember our daily routine and the Sunday night Amazing Race episodes.

November always marks our annual scrapbooking weekend.  This year was no different, except that it was a mini college reunion for four of my closest friends and me.  We-had-a-blast.

(If you're looking for a hilarious, gut-aching, laugh-out-loud, game... and you don't consider yourself to be particularly uptight or easily offended, you must play "Cards Against Humanity".  If you're an upstanding moral citizen who is easily offended by un-politically correct and inappropriate comments, then just stick to Euchre or Hearts or something.)

Simple Spahnville moments in November:

Brisk trips to the park, where my little construction worker built houses and moats and railroads, all for me. 
One dreary day after another but I'm hoping my little blue happy light keeps tricking my brain into producing the same feel-good chemicals that it does during our summer months. 
Even on the rough days at work,  I'm trying to live by the quote pictured above.
It reads:  "See the good all around you.  Even if you have to squint."
Homemade (gluten free!) waffles.   Smiley kid.  Smiley mom.
And there's always something magical about meeting Mrs. Claus, right?
These two were thrilled to meet the lady of the hour.  Well, the lady of the month actually. 

Our school allows sledding, which is pretty much the coolest thing ever if you're old enough to walk, and young enough to appreciate the white stuff. 

We wrapped up the month with Thanksgiving at Sister's house.  I get all mushy inside when I think about the love between these two little ones.  And if C remains an only child, he'll have an "almost-sibling" with this sweet lil' thing.  

Almost makes you want to burst into "So Happy Together", doesn't it? 
It's always monkey-see, monkey-do.  

Bear hugs? Forts? Kisses? Giggles? Probably all of the above. 

Sneaking away for a little alone time.... in Miss N's bed.  

And though my birthday isn't technically in November, it did fall on a weekend so it's getting included here.  C loves celebrating.  Doesn't really matter for what or for whom, .. he just loves all things party. My birthday was no different.

Mase surprised me with Red Velvet cake and new Smartwool!  My FAVES.  (It's the little things, people.)

No sooner had the last candle been blown out, than this sweet little hand started plucking them off-- and licking the frosting one by one.  True love is letting someone else lick the frosting that really belongs to you.  

Last year, as I blew out my candles, I envisioned "next year at this time".  Little did I know how much was going to change in 364 days.  If there's anything I've learned in the past year, it's that as much as I want to prepare and control and plan my future, none of us really has any idea how it's all going to look.  As I concentrated on my candles this year, I intentionally focused on that day, this moment, right now.  And in that moment, I couldn't have been happier.  

"If you take care of this moment, you take care of all time." ~Buddhist quote 


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    Bobbie in Santee