Tuesday, January 28, 2014

T-20 Years

Right now, most of the country is experiencing some kind of cold spell.  I hear it's 30 degrees in Florida and snowing in South Carolina.  Here in Spahnville, it's just bitter cold.  It's something like "feels like minus 30 outside" but honestly, once it's below zero, who really cares if it's ten below or ninety below?  It's all the same to me.  It's freezing cold-- the kind that takes your breath away and freezes everything in sight.  The kind where you can't drive your car without letting it run first or something bad will supposedly happen to it.  I mean, people's tires are freezing to the pavement.  What the what?    

It's January 28 and I'm already about to throw in the towel on winter.  It's no secret that winter weather affects me in mostly negative ways.  And honestly, I try, really try to make lemonade out of lemons. Or more accurately make snow cones out of snow.  But winter just seeps like poison into my soul.  I....Haaaaaaaate......It.  

But let's get some things straight:  I actually enjoy the snow and there are parts of winter that I find lovely.  I love Cross Country skiing.  I love snowshoeing.  I love sledding, and building forts and snowmen, and even taking long walks around the neighborhood.  I love the look of fresh, clean, snow.  I love the site of frost, heavy on tree branches.  I love winter sunsets-- nothing else looks so clean and fresh and alive.  I love sun-dogs and driving through ice-crystals.  The problem, is that we've had none of this recently.  We've had freaking colder than cold tundra like temperatures, where we all hole up in our houses and only see other people when it's absolutely necessary.  We don't hear birds, we don't see animals, we basically lose all touch with nature.  We look out our windows and see tracks and droppings and other evidence that we still share space with nature, but we're just entirely cut off from sharing the world together.  This makes me sad and mostly irritated.  This is why in T-20 years, we are moving to California.

I'm hoping for San Diego, but apparently housing is expensive and we're not millionaires.  Our alternatives are Arizona, Texas, Florida, and on most days, I'd even settle for Arkansas.  As long as we're somewhere we can actually "live" during the months of December, January, February, and March.  And maybe even April.  By "live" I mean be able to go outside, walk, run, swim, kayak, canoe, sail, fish, get fresh air, see the sun, see other people, experience all this world has to offer.  We'll write letters to and Skype with those who choose to stay back here with ice scrapers and remote starts and electric blankets.  And maybe, in 20 years, enough time will have gone by, that I'll think back fondly on these icy winters that I weathered in my past.  (But I seriously doubt it.)  

Until then, we'll just settle on taking some January vacations. (Not this year, unfortunately.)
Taking in the views of Arizona (January, 2012)

Soaking up sunny San Diego (January, 2013)

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