Wednesday, February 12, 2014

He Speaks my Language

More and more, I'm noticing that Charlie and I seem to be connected in the deepest and most unexplainable way.  Except that, it's not really unexplainable because I'm guessing many mothers feel deeply connected to their children at some moment.  But lately, I'm feeling like Charlie and I have been perfectly matched as mother and son.

Our match isn't perfect because we get along perfectly, in fact, it's sometimes the opposite.  I find myself widening my eyes, holding my breath, and telling myself that someday I'll be sad when he goes to college.  But we interact well and get along great more days than not, which makes me feel like I'm finally doing something right when it comes to this parenting gig.  And while C's personality can be maddening sometimes, it seems to make sense to me.

I understand his dislike of being talked to and tickled and touched right away in the morning.  I understand being so frustrated with life that you just hunker down with a pile of books until you're calm again.  I understand only wanting to eat cookies and brownies and sugary cereal.  I understand wanting to stay in the bathtub for "only a few more minutes".

But the other day, when this conversation took place on our drive home, I truly felt like we were soul mates.  Finally, someone in my household feels the way I do.

C:  Mommy?
Me:  Yeah Buddy?
C:  When is it EVER going to be summer again?
Me:  Oh honey, let's not even go there.
C:  But when am I EVER going to be able to play on my playset? And go to the park?  And play outside?
Me:  Sweetie, if there was one thing I could give you in this world, it would be summer all year long.  And we would go to the park every day.  Just like we do when it actually is summer.
C:  I don't like the snow.
Me:  Tell me about it.
C:  It's just too cold for me.
Me:  I hear ya.
C:  It's so cold and snowy and hard to get warm.
Me:  (Wheels spinning in my brain.... would my loving husband maybe be willing to move somewhere warm if Charlie brings it up?....)
C:  Probably I just need some hot chocolate when we get home.  Right away.  Then I'll be okay.

Ah, he hates snow and he thinks chocolate will solve his problems.  This kid and I truly are connected at the deepest level.

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