Friday, April 11, 2014

Calling Persephone & "Spring" Break

A few weeks ago at church, we listened to the story of Persephone and Demeter.  If you remember 8th grade mythology at all, you'll remember that Persephone, the goddess of life and beauty and everything fertile had never known winter (lucky girl).  That is, of course, until one day when the Earth opened up and introduced her to the underworld and that sexy alluring Hades guy.  And while she was hanging out with Hades, being promised to become a queen and help the souls of the underworld (and be married to the hunky Hades), things above ground changed.

Her mother, Demeter, wept and mourned and worried.  The trees lost their leaves, the flowers lost their blooms, and the Earth turned cold. Snow came and things froze.  Animals hid and food was scarce.  In most versions of the story, Zeus is behind Hades/Persephone introduction and he realizes that maybe it isn't good for the Earth if Persephone leaves permanently.  And, Persephone misses her mother and the animals and flowers and trees and everything nature-- but she loves Hades and the promising allure of the Underworld.  So, of course, the only compromise is to split her time equally between the two.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am an equal rights person (I won't get into that now).  But six months of winter, and six months of combined spring/summer/fall just doesn't seem fair or equal. As March ended and we welcomed April, I spent some time calling Persephone.

How can a person call her? Well, simply think of things you love so much about spring and summer. Imagine these things and call them out to her-- tell her we NEED her back!  We WANT her back!  We MISS her! Hades may be hot but we're cold!  So here's why I need Persephone to come back and bring spring.

Honestly, my list could go on for days but I'll stop there.  In March, we had a little getaway Up North-- where we were greeted by snow that was waist-high and temperatures that were very cold.  It didn't feel like spring break at all.  The weather, combined with the fact that we had head colds and spent most of our time sneezing, sniffling, and blowing our noses made for a pretty un-productive break.  We watched movies, played a few games, watched a LOT of basketball, and pretty much relaxed.  I read and knitted and did some writing but mostly, we just hung out.

While we relaxed, C vacationed at my parents' house.  They had field trip after field trip and played non-stop.  It's no wonder the kid thinks our house is boring when he returns-- those grandparents seem to keep him busy.  (I assured him that growing up in that house wasn't nearly the vacation it has turned into in the past 30 years)  We picked him up Sunday afternoon, and I could hardly keep my hands off him. We've done this little getaway for four years now, and I think it gets harder to leave each year.  One of my friends with older children once told me, "I just loving having my whole family under the same roof" and I think I'm beginning to understand that feeling a little bit.  But, when we hopped into the truck to head home, the first words out of C's mouth were, "When I'm five, can I stay five nights?!"  I think it's safe to say we all enjoyed our little break, but it's always nice to get back into the groove of things.

Now, as we cruise through April, let's bring on spring!

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