Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter 2014

Although I'm obviously not a "He is Risen!" person, I do love Easter.  And when Easter falls a little later, when it's actually warmed up a bit and my hope in the Earth's ability to melt the white stuff has grown, I love Easter that much more.  This year, the forecast for Easter weekend was especially promising-- temperatures in the 70's with some warm light rain predicted for Sunday.  I envisioned playing outside, flying kites, and maybe some puddle-jumping soggy Easter egg hunting.  I eagerly looked forward to our "traditional" Easter Brunch in Dike, where we planned to meet Mason's and my families and gorge ourselves on ham, pancakes, muffins, and the never-ending pie table!

But, as most well-intentioned plans go, things did not happen accordingly.  On Friday, C complained of a tummy ache and didn't have much appetite.  Since he's not much of a lunch eater anyway, I wasn't too worried, but when he still seemed a little out of sorts an hour later, I settled him into our bedroom where he could relax, watch a few episodes of Dinosaur Train, and munch on Saltines.  Secretly, I kind of enjoyed this time-- it was a nice excuse for me to cuddle up with him in the middle of the afternoon and read my book while he intently watched his shows.  But when he hic-cupped, then coughed, and got that wild-eyed look.... I knew we were in trouble.

It's about five steps from our bed to the toilet in the attached bathroom-- but those five steps might as well have been miles.  By the time I had him situated in the bathroom, our bed, the bathroom, and the two of us were..... a mess.

Now here's the part where I'm supposed to just gloss over the cleaning up sick kid mess and say that it was bad and my heart ached for Charlie.  But here's the truth:  Before I was a mom, I bet a zillion people told me, "Oh Karah, it's different when it's your kid! You'll be just fine. (followed by condescending smile and little pat on the head)".  And I would assure them that no, vomit is vomit is vomit.  And now, standing on the other side of that motherhood fence, I would like to tell all those people, "You all lied to me.  It is NO different when it's your own kid.  My kid's vomit smells just like any other kid's vomit.  And it's the same color and has chunks and everything.  And just because someone happened to pass through MY vagina, does not mean their vomit is exempt from making me gag."  

So that being said, I do not do well when covered in sick kid.  And as much as I hate to admit this, I momentarily froze--completely in panic-- while Charlie was in just as much panic about what had just happened, and I struggled with the decision of whose clothing to strip off first.  In the end, I followed the advice of the flight-attendants and took care of myself.  Once I was half-naked, I was able to breathe again (I think I held my breath for close to three minutes) and focus well enough to take care of my kid and the gaggy affected bed sheets, rugs, and towels.

With the washing machine doing the dirty work, the two of us spent the afternoon watching tv and running to the bathroom.  And by Friday evening, C seemed to be on the mend.  When Saturday morning rolled around, things seemed to be almost back to normal.

I think he enjoyed being allowed to watch tv all day--- too bad it was actually sunny outside!

In the morning, Charlie and I headed to the Holland egg hung (the BEST little secret in Grundy county).  I LOVE how small-town it is, very low-key and not super crowded.  Volunteers hide plastic eggs around the playground and scatter candy on the grass as well.  Inside each egg, a numbered slip of paper is reedemable for a little prize-- C came home with a balloon punch thing, a bubble wand, a kite, and a jump rope!  (Too bad the punching ball thing broke and left someone in tears-----which left his parents feeling terrible and picking up a consolation replacement toy at Norby's.)

These two-- so much love!

My parents came that morning and we had a really lovely day.  My mom and I took C to a local greenhouse, went for a nature hike, petted a 3 day old foal, flew a kite, and played at home.  Dad and Mase battled the wind on the golf course and played a quick nine.  When they were finished, the two of them took Charlie up to Parkersburg to the "big park" and came home in time to eat grilled hamburgers, strawberries, and spinach salad-- such a summer meal! It was no surprise that C fell asleep within minutes of being tucked into bed that night.

I've never felt something so soft!  The foalie's coat reminded me of puppy Maddy. 
C could have spent hours tossing pebbles through the tiny cracks in the bridge and predicting where they would land. 

Our selfie-- with my little poser. :) 
Later, the grown ups settled down to watch a movie.... and that's when Flu Bug Round #2 hit me.  I spent the next six hours getting to know the intimate details of our porcelain oval office-- and didn't feel much better when I woke up Easter morning.  Although I crawled out of bed long enough to watch C go through his Easter basket, I remember almost nothing of the morning.  I'm still sad that I missed participating in his excitement about the goodies hidden in his Easter basket, and I always love an egg hunt!  Plus, I was very disappointed that I couldn't make it to brunch to see Mason's family-- it's been a long time (thank you winter) since we've been able to see them. But staying in bed seemed to help and by Monday, I felt well enough to return to work with the condition that my school cherubs treat me kindly.

Hopefully, I won't have a repeat of this bug for many years to come-- it was quick but intense!  And while I'm still sad about missing the Easter activities right now, someday I'm sure we'll look back and say, "Remember that Easter when I was so sick?  I couldn't even get out of bed to be a part of the egg hunt.  AND I missed brunch!"  But looking on the bright side, it was sunny and smiley and we live in a world with washing machines-- which are pretty freaking amazing when you have the flu.

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