Sunday, April 6, 2014

Keepin' it Classy in Spahnville

One of my favorite things about parenting a little boy is all the stuff I get to do "because" of him. Case in point: Monster Trucks.  Anyone out there who has a boy under the age of ten probably knows what I'm talking about when I say that Monster Trucks are definitely one of the "stages" of boyhood-growing up.  It seems we've done them all here:  Cars, trucks, trains, rescue guys, tractors, dinosaurs, and now Monster Trucks.

So when Charlie saw the Monster Jam commercial a few weeks ago, he begged us to go to the "Monster Truck Alley"!  And because one of his parents (not his father) secretly LOVES Monster Trucks, we bought tickets and headed down to Cedar Rapids.  

C probably would have been happy just hanging out in the skywalk-- he thought looking at the traffic down below was super cool.  
We arrived at the venue just as the trucks were revving their engines.  We donned our ear protection (I could not believe how many people brought kids without earmuffs!) and headed inside.  The smell of nitro greeted us and the trucks paraded around the dirt track in front of us.  After finding our seats amidst what had to be a bunch of State Fair goers, we watched the different contests.   They did wheelies, races, jumps, and freestyle.  I learned about this whole new sub-culture and the stars of the show: Rottweiler, Wolverine, El Toro Loco, The Thunder, and of course the beloved Grave Digger.  In between big events, little four wheelers had races that made me nervous as they rounded corners and the riders nearly fell off their vehicles (How do the mothers of these kids allow this type of behavior?)


Can you say rip-off?  



Oh, and watching these guys was just as entertaining.  They moved dirt, carried crushed cars, and set the 'stage'.  C again thought it was "awesome"

Charlie claimed to love the whole show and according to him, "It was awesome!" His expression, however, was a little suspect.  He was quiet and observant, never yelling or clapping but rather taking it all in.  He coaxed his dad into a $15 souvenir sno-cone and a crazy expensive Hot Wheels monster truck.  We justified the expense by noting that this little day trip kind of made up for our lack of any winter getaway this year.

By the end of the show, we were wearing down a little.  But someone insisted he was NOT ready to go home and he was NOT tired.  ("Stop asking me that!") 
By the time the engines had stopped revving, C was getting tired.  Actually, he was probably tired and totally over-stimulated.  We gathered up our things and headed home.  I think we had been on the road all of ten minutes before the back seat was zonked out.  We enjoyed the quiet ride home after "making some noise!" for two hours and crossing "Monster Truck Rally" off the bucket list.

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