Monday, May 12, 2014

This Motherhood Gig 2014

Wow, five Mother's Days under my belt and I finally sometimes feel like I'm actually figuring this mama thing out!  Of course, some days are better than others and naturally, the week after I posted that little write up about the sweetness of Charlie right now he turned into the opposite of sweetness for a few days.  We've entered this fight for independence stage and while I looooooove the idea of Charlie being more independent, his version and my version of this word do not match.

When I think of independence, I think of independent play, asking for things on his own, and solving problems without crying.  But these examples are few and far between in our home.  Lately, C only wants to do things his way-- and he makes no effort to hide this.  He'll throw the football his way.  He'll wear his shoes on the feet he chooses.  He won't wear these shorts and he'll only wear those shirts--- and they can NOT touch his ears when going over his head or Lord Almighty, the entire neighborhood will hear the wails from within our walls.   And, unless things are his idea, he is not at all interested in participating.  This includes things like getting dressed, eating at meal time, picking up toys, getting in the van, and taking a bath.  The other day, we were at Target to pick out a booster seat and he wanted nothing to do with testing them out.... simply because we asked him to.  Grrr.

At one time, these annoyances would ruin my day.  Honestly, they would probably ruin my week.  I remember obsessing over C's mood and how it was good/ bad/ happy/ sad/ ugly/ amazing that day-- and then my own personal feelings mirrored that.  But somewhere in the past five years, I've learned that C's moods do not need to dictate my own.  And while he may be crazy over-the-top annoying at times, I am not at all helped by being frustrated with this.  In fact, my biggest defense has become laughter-- much to his annoyance.

I now realize that his moods are always fluctuating & never constant-- so this one day of obstinance will soon give way to a day of crazy-over-the-top sweet & adorable & loving & fun moments in the future.  Does his incessant whining still drive me nuts?  Yes.  Does it bother me that our 4 year-old is still a 'cryer'?  Absolutely.  But we're learning (slowly) that Charlie is Charlie.  And his lows are definitely outweighed by his highs.  Do his profound and interesting questions about life and nature and physics amaze me?  Yes.  Does his ability to love so strongly and empathize so accurately make my heart melt?  You bet.

This four year old, who made me a mama, has taught me so many things.  He's taught me about motherhood and life and growing older.  He's helped me notice things about myself that need a little attention.  He's forgiven me when I've lost my temper and confided in me when I've hurt his feelings.  He's hurt my feelings too--- and then showered me with love and hugs and kisses.  He's clung to me and fled from me in different situations.  But no matter how our day has been, no matter how sweet and picture perfect or frazzled and over-stimulated we've been, he always wants me to be the one to tuck him in at night.  Ultimately, he's shown me that every moment does not need to be perfect.  And perhaps perfection is this daily gig-- this overcoming the lows and floating on the highs and enjoying the moments we have together.


Mother's Day 2014
This past weekend, we happened to be in Dubuque for our annual Trivia Night hosted by the Loras Soccer Team.  It's always a fun night of useless information, which happens to be one of Mason's many talents.  (He has lead our team to three years of 1st place victories!)  We stayed with some friends and though it was short, we got to enjoy their company for a few hours.

The next morning, my sister-in-law hosted an unbelievable brunch.  Initially, they were just planning on grilling out for lunch but I may have whined a little about preferring waffles/pancakes/toast/fruits/ etc. to steak & potatoes.  She compromised by serving steak and eggs and bacon and a huge spread of breakfast goodies!  And how nice that she has such good kitchen help! Amelia made the french toast & looked adorable while doing so.

Sherry's goodies were displayed beautifully. Looking at this makes me hungry all over again...

When there are waffles on the plate, there's really no reason to smile for a phone camera, right? 

The weather was supposed to rain all day, but the rain held off long enough to snap a few photos.  This year took a little convincing and I'm not sure Charlie was thrilled with the idea.  Plus, we were outside without sunnies, which is one of the worst things ever for Charlie.  I guess the photos captured the moment at least, right?

I love this one of us with Grandma Carol:

And this one with her grandkids.  Except it looks like Charlie is holding something really really inappropriate.  (It's actually this joke canister thing that pops out.)  So we confiscated it.

And this one looks a more Mother's Dayish and a little filmish.

The 3 Spahn moms on Mother's Day.  (I LOVE this picture! -- pretty sure we've never taken one all together before)

And no, to you inquiring minds... I didn't just over-indulge on waffles (though I may have eaten 2 pieces of apple pie)...... that's really a baby bump under those stripes!  Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Woo-hoo! CONGRATS to the Spahn family! So excited and happy to hear the news of your pregnancy! Hope you are doing well!

  2. WHAT?! OMG. You and Liz in the same year? That will be so much fun! Congratulations to you!