Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Glo Run and a Birthday Party

A few weeks ago, we celebrated Miss N's 3rd birthday-- I want to make sure to add the pics before summer slips away.  So here we go...

The night before her big celebration, my aunties, my uncle, my mom, and I participated in the Glo Run in Des Moines.  We did this last year too, and had a ton of fun-- but it was FREEZING cold--- which was not really that much fun.  This year, the run was held about a month later which led to warmer weather but far fewer participants (we think maybe due to weddings/ graduations/ camping/ The Dam to Dam Run/ The Principal Classic Golf Outing/ etc.). It didn't really matter though-- we still had fun.

(Oh, the forecast called for rain and the clouds looming overhead looked like rain was inevitable-- thus the umbrellas!)

That night, I stayed in DM with my parents (yes, some good parent-child bonding time) before getting up Sunday morning to head to Sister's house.  She had planned the cutest puppy/kitty themed party and ordered perfect sunny weather for her guests.

We ran and played outside while guests (the cousins and grands) arrived-- which was super fun.  Charlie and Papa had race after race on the front sidewalk (Dad is such a good sport and I'm so grateful that man can keep up with my four year old).  Nora's new playhouse was the big hit among the kids-- and surprisingly, they all shared it really well.

Liz and I haven't seen each other much these past few months, which is too bad since we're both expecting. So, we took the opportunity to take a quick belly shot-- aside from the shed in the background, isn't it cute!?  ( 24 weeks and 32 weeks)

Then it was time for presents!!  Charlie was all about helping out.  I couldn't get enough of watching the two little party hats in front of me.

And after presents.... it was time for the good stuff.

And a few takes of all the cousins (that live in Iowa).

We hung around for awhile before saying our goodbyes-- Charlie was SO sad to leave, but tuckered out enough to sleep most of the way home.  Although it hadn't quite started, summer was just around the corner... making this quick little family filled weekend the perfect way to start things off!

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