Thursday, June 5, 2014

Easy Breezy Beautiful

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I'm not exactly sure how I have thick Norwegian blood coursing through my veins, but according to my parents and my family genogram, this is the case.  You would think that coming from a long line of sturdy Dutch people would make me resilient to cold, harsh, weather but this is certainly not true. If anything, I think my blood might more closely resemble that of a Central or Southern American.  Give me hot anytime of the year.  Give me humid and the only thing I'll complain about is the way my hair randomly waves/curls/frizzes.  I figure I'll do all my weather complaining from December through April and then just sit back and be content for awhile.

So  now I'm in in my contentment zone.
And with school all wrapped up yesterday, I'm feeling pretty darn good.

I'm spending a few extra days up at my office to clean/clear/organize things so I don't have much to do next fall.  With a mid-September due date, I'm guessing I won't want to be doing much movement when we come back in August so I'd like to have things in order before I really settle into summer. Yesterday I spent time rearranging my office (well, my friend actually did the heavy lifting/moving because she mother-hens me which is actually kind of nice) and today I sorted and cleared and organized.  Tomorrow's goal is tackling the file cabinets-- which sounds pretty scary but is definitely something that needs to be accomplished.

Then, I'd like to walk out of the school and stay away all summer.  (Contrary to popular beliefs, this rarely happens in teacher world)

I'd love to have a lazy relaxing summer but, trying to remain true to our Spahnville style, we've already managed to pack the calendar.  Sometimes, I look at it and it seems a little daunting, but the excitement quickly overcomes the fear and I get giddy with anticipation!

* Charlie is taking swimming lessons in CF for two weeks.  This should be interesting as it will be with 12 kids he doesn't know and I'm hoping he learns things like going under water.  :)

* VACATION!  We're heading to the Gulf of Mexico with two other families.  We've rented a house right on the beach and our only plans include resting and relaxing and playing on the beach and in the waves.  Aside from the drive (which I've been mentally preparing for the last month), I-am-so-excited.

This is where we get to live for a week!  I. Am. Stoked.  

* We'll be patriotic with family and friends-- either in Dubuque or Spencer
* Camp Bomgaars:  My parents have asked if they could have C for a few days.... and he is OVER the moon excited about this.  They have big plans of taking him up to the twin cities to take in the dinosaur exhibit and some Mall of America roller-coaster rides.  They also want to take him camping.  In a tent.  Overnight.  More power to them.
* Cottage Fishing-- Mason is planning on spending some time at the cottage with his friend to do some fishing...which leaves him gone and Charlie with my parents and me.... :)   Notice, I'm not crying or worrying, I'm actually a little excited about my vacation with myself in our house.  It sounds heavenly as long as my boys come back after a few days.
* Adventureland:  We made the mistake of pointing out Adventureland the last time we went to Des Moines and now, we have one really excited four year old with high hopes of riding the rides there someday this summer.  Hopefully, we can score some discount tickets and spend a day riding the rides.  (You might find me in the Lazy River though-- I'll use this pregnancy thing as much as I can.)
* St. Louis-- What would summer be without a trip to St. Louis to see Mindy and the kiddos?  Our only plan is to make her hubs babysit at least one morning or night so we can have a little lady time all to ourselves.  
* Baby Harris!- And remember, my sister is due at the end of July so we'll have a new baby in the family that we'll have to meet and spoil for a few days.  (!!)

* Kelly is coming! She and Turner are flying in to spend time with her parents and then Spahnville gets them for four whole days!!  I'm exited already.
* Cottage?  We'll see how I'm feeling and if the cottage schedule would allow us to travel up there for a few days.  I'll be super sad if it doesn't work out-- relaxing in the hammock while the boys play on the beach sounds like a great way to spend a few days.
* School Starts!  (Craaaazy.  That's all I have to say.)

And somewhere in the midst of all those plans, I'm taking two classes, I'm attending girls-night campout, Mason is tackling a pergola/ patio project (Yay!!), Spahn & Rose GC is getting a total addition/remodel, we'll play as much Friday night golf as possible, we'll spend time at the pool, we'll participate in Summer Reading programs, we'll grow a garden (hopefully), we'll attend Farmers' Markets, I'll dink around with numerous craft & garden projects, AND we'll get things ready for a baby.  

Whew.  It sounds busy but in the best possible way.  Summer is my season.  It's when I feel most alive and productive and authentic. Welcome, Summer.  I'm so so so glad you're finally here.  

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