Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

This morning, I woke up bright and early & looked over to see Mason sleeping peacefully.  I hopped out of bed and headed out to pick up donuts (because if you get to the grocery store after 7:00 on Sunday morning, they're pretty much gone) for my son.... and me.  

When I got home, Charlie was up and waiting for me in the living room.

"Is today Happy Father's Day?" he asked as I walked in the door. Then, noticing the small white bag in my hand, "What's in that bag?"  His chin tilted and his eyebrows furrowed ever so slightly-- enough to indicate that he knew exactly what was in that little white bag.  

I laughed, "Yes, it's Father's Day today and this bag has a present for my son in it.  Because he is such a good boy." 

"Donuts!!   Can we eat them now?" His smile was wide and his face full of hope and anticipation.  

"Well sweetie, didn't you want to do something for Daddy this morning?" I asked, wondering if he would remember the plan he concocted last night.  

"Make him a snack on a tray and he can eat it in bed!" 

So we proceeded to make pancakes, a smoothie, and coffee for Daddy while he "slept".  (He was awake, just enjoying the show happening in the kitchen.)  Charlie kept running in to the bedroom and shouting, "Stay in there! Don't come out! Stay sleeping, Daddy!" Eventually, breakfast was ready and the three of us enjoyed breakfast in bed. 

Later in the day, Charlie asked me, "Is today still Father's Day?"  When I replied, "Yes", he told me his great idea.  "Mom, I think that some day, we should have "Kid's Day" and you and Daddy will do something really special like eat breakfast on a tray just for me!" I smiled, remembering that my parents would always say, "Everyday is Kid's Day" when my sister and I asked similar questions.  And isn't it true?

It seems like we are always looking for new and special things to do with Charlie.   Of course, we love the daily routine and we find balance in small, ordinary blessings.  But part of what makes Mason such a good daddy is his dedication to being such an active father with his son.

The examples below clearly prove how much cooler Daddy is than Mommy.  Sigh.  'Tis life.

I was in Des Moines a few weeks ago and received this text:

 Those are tadpoles swimming in a bucket.  Mase took C out to the golf course and fished out a half dozen big tadpoles and a bunch of little ones.  (They've since been returned to the pond because I felt bad for them living in a bucket in our garage and not out in the wild. We had them long enough to see some leg development but that's it.)  Mason said Charlie was thrilled about the tadpoles and couldn't get enough of them.  But.... he had an even bigger surprise up his sleeve.  A little place we've avoided for 4 1/2 years called Chuck E. Cheese.

Later, I received these texts:

I really was a little sad to learn I was missing the best day of his life.  Of course, only Daddy could provide something like that.  And he rarely zonks out like this for me....

Another example:
Last week, while I was enjoying a little ladies night, I received this text:

Tadpoles, Chuck E. Cheese, Ice Cream Sandwiches....  Life with Daddy is just full of good, sweet, adventure.  And while the guy across the street got a Harley for Father's Day, Mase got breakfast in bed with big sloppy kisses, a card that plays, "Allstar" when you open it, and the knowledge that the person who made him a father doesn't think there's any better daddy alive on this Earth.

Happy Father's Day to so many great dads out there---including mine-- who doubles as the Best Papa in the whole wide world too (according to one particular four year old).  

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  1. more shirtless Mason blogs please! Happy Father's Day!