Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Summer Day (Mostly about my kid)

As mentioned previously, our summer in Spahnville has been cray-cray-cray-crazy!  But crazy in that really good, soak it up, say "yes" to indulgences, lounge around, travel far, stay up late, eat forbidden junk food, kind of way.  2014 has definitely been a fantastic summer!  AND, while it's hard to believe it's already the middle of July, I keep reminding myself, "it's only the middle of July!"  Which means, we still have a good month left before school starts, and even after school starts, we have weeks left of summer weather!  (I'm doing a happy dance just thinking about it!)

This summer, Charlie seems to be at the best age yet. Have you noticed a pattern that every milestone he's ever gone through has become my new favorite?  It's always better than the last.  I love love love watching him grow up.  His vocabulary seems to astonish me every day and his independent thinking has really been something fun to watch develop.  During our road trip, Mason was reading facts about dinosaurs to him.  Suddenly, Charlie asks "Daddy? Could you tell me what time period that dinosaur lived in?"  What the what?!  My little paleontologist is constantly seeking out new prehistoric information--which is so fun to listen to and honestly, I'm learning quite a bit.

However, this morning, he did tell me, "Mom, I'm kind of not into dinosaurs anymore.  I think I'll be into Spiderman now."  He was so serious and big-boy that I could only nod back and say, "Spiderman is lots of fun too, but I'm sure you can still play with dinosaurs if you change your mind later."

He's also recently discovered joke telling.
Last night, he wanted to tell knock-knock jokes during supper.  He started with this:
C: Knock Knock
Us: Who's there?
C:  Um......... (looks around the room) Lamp!
Us:  (glancing at each other) Lamp who?
C: Um...Lamp Knock!!  Haaahahahahahah!!  (Wild laughter from him)

So Mason followed up with this one:
M: Knock Knock
C: Who's There?
M: Boo
C: Boo-Who?
M: Boo-Hoo!  Why are you crying!?
----Now here's the funny part-- >  Charlie goes into FITS of laughter.  Like, bursting out, gagging, eyes watering.  Then he stops long enough to slap the table and choke out the words, "Crying!  That's a good one, Dad!"  At that comment, Mason and I about died laughing-- as in choking on our food and spitting out our water.  (And I may have almost wet my pants but it really doesn't take anything for that to happen anymore.)

C is also becoming quite the Daddy's helper.  Mason and I have been working in the front yard to replace the compost with mulch.  Last week, I tore out the existing weed fabric (yes, at 7 months pregnant I may have overdone it a bit and yes, I may have gone to the chiropractor as a result, and yes, I'm totally fine and not crazy.) and got it all ready for Mason to finish.  Last night, he put down new weed fabric and what looked like a million bags of mulch.  Charlie helped carry and open and spread the mulch around-- in between building ant traps and playing baseball and running around the yard like a crazy man.  The result of our hard work looks amazing, don't you think?

 We've also put in a new patio and seat-wall, which just so happens to double as the perfect balance beam as well.  It's a great addition to our deck-- and eventually, when our funds aren't so low, we'll add some new patio furniture, a fire pit, and maybe even one of those outdoor heaters for Mama!  (Another happy dance!)

And, here's a look at a few of my favorite annuals this year:

These have just gone crazy-- covering our entire planter and cascading off the deck.  The petunias look white in the picture but they're actually a light purple-- I'm such a sucker for purple flowers and these are gorgeous.

Charlie chose these flowers from the greenhouse and planted them on Earth Day.  They, too have bloomed like crazy and surprisingly the orange/purple combination looks really good!

So, summer is cruising by and I think it's safe to say that we're all loving it.  There are so many other things I want to post but I honestly just find myself wrapped up so many other activities that the blog is definitely taking a back seat.  Someday, I promise to catch up.  In the meantime... keep on keepin' on as summer rolls by.

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