Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to be a Pirate (Destin Vacation #3)

The entire point of our beach vacation was to hang out on the beach.  There was little interest in doing touristy things or leaving our perfect house, nestled in the white sandy beach.  Except that when I travel, I tend to want to do something, even if it's just one thing.  I'm sure this comes from traveling with my parents, who tend to be crazy busy while on vacation.  But they're much more intellectual than me-- and they seem to like learning new things at all times, including while on vacation.  I, on the other hand, love to sit around... as long as I get out of the house once.

We had heard from some friends that the Buccaneer Pirate Ship was a really fun adventure if we were looking for something to do.  So we took the bait and boarded the 3:30 Buccaneer Pirate cruise.  The kids were entertained for the entire two hours... and the (non-pregnant) adults drank beer.  Who could be upset with that arrangement?

The Keplingers with Charlie:

Learning how to swab the deck:

Stealing a little lot of Mama's smoothie:

Teaching Daddy how to sword fight.  "Blade to BLADE, Daddy!"

The Keplingers watch the activity on the deck.  And that's "Captain Cannonball" at the wheel!

And yes.... there may be video of this event.  But for now, just use your imagination.

Lil' Mateys: Charlie & Jack

Little Kate wasn't too excited, but was quite the trooper.

It's safe to say the kids (especially the younger ones-- or at least my kid) loved the pirate ship.  They helped haul a treasure chest from the ocean and open it up.  Charlie's eyes were as big as silver dollars as they opened it up and then sang the Buccaneer Pirate Chant:
"We are the crew of the Buccaneer...Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of root beer!" 

After our salty dog adventure, the families went their own way for dinner.  We hit up the kid zone and Charlie "bungee jumped".  I couldn't get enough of his smile.  It was contagious.

And what would vacation be without a stop to ride go-karts?  Apparently, these were not too fast but Charlie loved them because he had a steering wheel.  Life is good.

That night, we ate supper at the house before having ice cream with peaches.  (Again!)

When Charlie fell asleep that night, his eyes fluttered and his body snuggled into the soft and sandy sheets.  And he mumbled, "We are the crew...of the...Buccaneer.......yo.....ho.....root-beer.........."  and he was out.  And I was a teary hormonal mess.  Magical, I tell you.

I couldn't have been more grateful.   

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