Thursday, July 17, 2014

Out of Office Auto Reply

I feel like I need an auto-reply these days.  As in, we've been away from the house, the yard, the daily routine long enough that coming home almost feels like being on vacation.  (Isn't that a lovely thought?)

Our summer has absolutely flown by-- as I knew it would.  That seems to happen when you fill up every nook and cranny with things to do.  But just like a week-long vacation, where the first two days seem to stretch out endlessly before you and by mid-week time is slipping through your fingers, the summer seems to be doing the same thing.  June was filled with swimming lessons and preparations for our vacation-- so much to learn and think about and prepare for!  There was so much on the horizon and so much to look forward to.  (If you ask me, the anticipation of upcoming events is half the fun of them)  But now, I glance at our backyard and the corn is definitely more than "knee-high"-- it's height matches my own (not that that says much about height) and will reach the 7' mark before we know it.

A few nights ago, I heard cicadas for the first time-- a sound I love, but one that is definitely associated with late summer.  This week, temperatures dipped into the 50's and 60's-- some meterologists even speculating that we'll see some record low temps for July.  The thought of sweatshirts and chilly evenings makes me cringe, but my fingers are crossed that we'll have some very "oppressive" heat-stroke-inducing days ahead of us.

So where has our summer gone?  What have we been up to?  Here's a peek off the top of my head:

* A few ladies golf nights with the Parkersburg gals
* A few golf outings for Mason
* Spahnville Friday night family golf

* Charlie and I spent the 4th of July in Spencer (note to self:  Spencer Fireworks make Grundy Center Fair Fireworks look like NYC celebration.  Seriously.  L-A-M-E.)
* Charlie spent a few days with his grands-- who took him on numerous adventures and spoiled him beyond the usual grandparent spoiling.
*  Mason spent several days up at the cottage with his high school buddy.  Their days were spent fishing and golfing and probably talking about their lovely wives whenever they could.  :)

Misc Activities:
* New patio
* Annuals
* Flea Market Finds
* Clean garage
* Mama's Lapswim
* Pool-time
* Summer Reading
* Minion Rush (we all have our vices, right?)
* Giant Bubbles
* Farmer's Markets
* Pregnant Sister Pedicures
* Buying Baby Clothes
* Felix Grundy Celebration
* Big Waterslide
* DM Zoo trip with Sister & friends (& kiddos, of course)

So yes, summer is slipping by quickly, but it's been fantastic so far.  I'm feeling well (& LOVING my internal furnace right now-- just the thing so many people told me I'd hate.  Honestly, this is the first summer I haven't had to carry a lightweight sweater while I grocery shop or stroll through a mall.) although I definitely feel five years older than the last time I did this pregnancy thing.

We have several things to continue to look forward to-- we're headed to St. Louis next week, our family has Adventureland tickets for later in July, Kelly & Turner are paying us a visit at the beginning of August, and we're hoping to steal some time on Holiday Lake with a few good friends before kicking off the school year.  Oh, and we'll have a new little niece arrive sometime during the midst of all that!  Can't wait!

The next few days we'll be relaxing at home-- trying to get caught up on "just being"... although I'm beginning to admit that there really is no such thing during the summer.  Which is fine and dandy for me.

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