Monday, August 11, 2014

Interview with a Pregnant Lady

It probably should come as no surprise that the question I've been asked most (as of lately) has been, "How are you feeling?"  In a way, it cracks me up because the emphasis is always on the word "feeling"-- not what I"m up to or what we've been doing or anything else-- just how I'm feeling.  And for the most part, my answer has been "I'm doing well!".   I usually add a tag line about feeling uncomfortable and creaky but overall, I really can't complain.

Then, a few days ago I found this questionnaire online and figured it would be good to jot down some of my thoughts.  (I did a lot of journaling when I was pregnant with Charlie and haven't done any with this one.  Poor 2nd child syndrome starts in utero I guess.)   Also, there's a chance we'll have some maternity shots taken in the near future and if so, I'll update this post with those. 

How far along are you? 35 weeks!

How did you discover you were pregnant and how far along where you? 
 I peed on the stick sometime in January-- and was just about a month along.  We found out much sooner than we did with Chariie.  

What was your initial reaction to being pregnant? 
 Excited with a heavy dose of anxiety/reservation. 

Was this baby planned? 
 Yes. Definitely.... I think.  :) 

If planned, did you have a hard time becoming pregnant? 
 Um, those of you closest to us know this answer and are probably chuckling right now.  

Did you have to give up any habits, was it hard? 
 Just the usual ones-- no coffee & alcohol.  It's not hard, exactly-- except that I crave crave crave beer when I'm with child.  So, I feel that Mason is drinking entirely too little beer these days, although I do try to keep the fridge stocked for him (I'm so thoughtful).  Every time he twists a cap off, I'm at his side-- it reminds me of Maddy appearing in our kitchen the minute we placed bacon in a hot pan.  OMG, all I want in the delivery room fridge is a 6 pack!

Also, I've really had to scale back on the physical activity.  Running was out right away (ouch) and walking has been even more painful this time around.  I've tried to swim as much as possible, but that's pretty much it. Because baby was breech for so long, my midwife told me to stay off the bike-- which I've missed tremendously this summer.    

Has your sleep been affected? 
Not at first, but lately it's been terrible.  I'm usually late to bed, and up in the middle of the night.  (If you're up with a baby or the night shift or something and bored, text me!  I'll probably be around!)

What is the best part about being pregnant? 
 Knowing that I have a live little person growing inside me-- feeling him/ her kick and wiggle and squirm is always amazing. 

I'm also enjoying my increased internal thermostat.  I've never ever ever ever been able to shop in the summer without my little cardigan draped over my shoulders (or walking around with my hands below my chin in "prayer position" to cover up the sign that my turkeys are done).  This summer, I've waltzed through the aisles of the produce section in a tank top like I owned the place.  It has been amazing and quite liberating!!

I also really enjoy not being allowed to clean the bathroom. 

What is the worst part about being pregnant? 
 For me, this pregnancy has been harder because it prevents me from being as active with Charlie.  Summer has been tough because we're so active (or used to be).  Standing tends to hurt after awhile, walking tends to leave me sore the next day, my lung capacity seems to be shot, and my heart races when I do the smallest physical exertion.  My lap is non-existant, I can't run, I can't jump (not that I ever really could...), I could nap at any given moment (except during the night).  My tummy is tender and Charlie wants to kiss and squeeze the baby all the time-- which hurts!  I want to be more energetic and not so tired, I want to be able to ride  amusement park rides and slide down waterslides, and chase Charlie around the yard.  It's been a long pregnancy for him and I'm really ready for him to have his Mama back.  

I'm also that point where bending over is terribly uncomfortable.  Mason keeps promising me that he's going to pick up one of those garbage grabber things at Norby's but he keeps forgetting.  Yes, I definitely think I need to remind him of that.  

Is Baby moving a lot?
I'm writing this post at 5:15 in the morning because Baby woke me up with movement.  So yes, this baby moves a TON.  At our very earliest ultrasound, this baby was already squirming around and flipping it's legs (tail?) back and forth like a little mermaid. 

Did you have any odd or different cravings? 
 I ate super healthfully when I was pregnant with Charlie-- counting my protein and getting tons of extra leafy greens into my diet.  This time around, I've eaten plenty of ice cream and random sweets & junk-- but part of that might just be summertime too. 

 As far as cravings go, all I seem to crave is fruit-- raspberries, peaches, and cherries.  I cannot get enough.  

What's the belly button situation?
Ugh.  I was soooo worried about the belly button popping out with Charlie and it never did.  This time it's popped right out and it's just as uncomfortable and painful as I imagined it would be. (Note:  Having my belly button touched is excruciating to me anyway-- I absolutely hate I might be a little abnormally sensitive to this)

Are you taking any birthing or parenting classes prior to this child being born?
No, although I should probably dig out my Bradley books and review them pretty soon.  After being through it once, I feel like I can get through that part just fine.  It's what happens after we bring the baby home that I'm a little nervous about.  

Did you have morning sickness? 
No, I was just incredibly exhausted and had severe pregnancy brain during my first trimester.  I remember the months of April and May being especially difficult to keep track of even the simplest tasks without writing them down.  

Does anything make you queasy or sick now?
Nothing except the smell of coconut.  We had a few B&BW soaps around our house that made me gag every time I washed my hands-- those have since been replaced with much milder and friendlier floral smelling soaps. And coconut oil about sends me over the edge--so no coconut oil cooking this summer.  

Are you still wearing your wedding rings?
Nope.  My wedding band nearly falls off all winter long and fits 'just right' in the summer.  This summer, it's just a smidge too tight for comfort so I've been wearing an anniversary band Mason bought me a few years ago. 

Do you know the baby's gender?
 Nope.  Much to the dismay of my sister, we never found out.  Plenty of people think it's a girl this time.  Mase and I are totally undecided.  I would LOVE another boy but Charlie really wants a sister and I'd LOVE to see him with a little baby girl.  Can't wait to learn who's in there....and if we really want to know early, there is a little envelope out in the pickup that we could peek into.....

Have you planned/ created the nursery? 
Kind of.  We (mason) painted the guest room and I have a general idea of some things I'd like to do with the room.  When I was expecting Charlie, there was no time to design/ create a nursery because well, the house was completely torn apart.  It's crazy to think of that now and I have to admit, I'm really enjoying "nesting"-- just wish I could be comfortable while doing it. 

Will you have an OB or midwife? 
 I'll have a midwife again-- but different midwives through a different hospital this time.  We're also using the same doula as last time-- she's a good friend of mine and I'm excited to have her be a part of this birth as well.  

Do you have any concerns or worries about delivery?
 Just the usual stuff-- childbirth is so common yet always risky.  Baby was breech for awhile but was head down during the last appointment.  The idea of a c-section terrifies me (and so does the recovery) so avoiding one would be my biggest concern.  

Have you had any signs of labor?
Not really, just some Braxton Hicks contractions.  With Charlie, I knew he was going to be late (and he was) but I totally wouldn't mind this baby coming early. Don't worry, I'm not getting my hopes up.   

So there you have it.  I'm feeling well and doing fine and realizing that the end is starting to come into sight. One week until school starts, two more until Labor Day, two more until the due date.  I have a feeling it'll go quickly, even as I grow bigger and more uncomfortable each day.  

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