Thursday, August 14, 2014

Reality Check

Friends, it just got real up in here:

Four years ago, preparing for preschool seemed like lightyears away.  We were knee-deep in sleep training and breastfeeding and figuring out life as a family of three (plus Maddy).  All the days morphed into one big, long, day.... where there was little distinction between weekday and weekend (after all, the wake up call came bright and early no matter what, and the baby still wanted to be fed at appropriate intervals).  Our lives were tipped upside-down and we first time parents had a hard time navigating that ship after sailing solo for seven years.

But eventually, things slipped into place.  We found our footing on that rocky ground called Parenthood.  We gained confidence and gradually (very gradually) calmed down a little.  Somehow, everything went from being such a big deal to something we can deal with.  Our moods became less dependent on the happiness of our baby and each other.  What felt like an out-of-balance house has really turned into a pretty peaceful home-- although somedays I can sense the zen state much more than others.  Now, it seems like we are a pretty well-oiled machine that functions properly-- but definitely requires some regularly scheduled maintenance to keep us on our toes.

So when this Preschool doctor visit crept up on me, I thought nothing of it-- just one more thing to do in our regularly-scheduled, go-with-the-flow-life.  And then, while I was sitting there in the tiny office next to Charlie, it dawned on me that this-is-it.  We're stepping up to that roller coaster of school-age life.  We're pushing past the turnstile and choosing our seats.  Once he hops on, there's really no turning back--from everything I know (and have yet to learn) about the next thirteen years, it's going to be an incredibly fun, worrisome, exciting, exhausting, bumpy, challenging, thrilling, and fast ride.  I know he's ready for it-- the sticker clad orange folder tucked neatly inside his new dinosaur skeleton backpack is all the proof I need.  Surprisingly, I'm just not sure his mama is quite as ready.

PS:  Doctor visit went great-- he took his two shots like a champ and 'only cried just a little bit'.  Of course, two days later he came down with a low-grade fever and sniffles, but that's the way he's handled every other round of shots as well.   

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