Thursday, October 2, 2014

U-N-I Fight! And our last day as a family of 3

Charlie and I have an eventful day on Saturday, September 20th-- hanging out in Cedar Falls for the UNI Homecoming parade with friends.  Aside from a few raindrops, the weather cooperated and turned into a gorgeous day.  Charlie had fun with his buddies, and I loved spending time with their mama. We joked about the baby being five days overdue and hoping the excitement from the parade would speed his/her entry into the world.  Of course, I knew I'd be heading back to work on Monday-- afterall, there was no way this baby was coming out any time soon! 

C's hand was always on my belly-- he constantly wanted to be touching/kissing/loving "his baby". 

Again, notice C's head placement-- giving "his baby" a hug in the picture.  
After the parade, we headed to Sara's sister's house and ate OP pizza, watched the boys play "Spy Mission", and were given a karate performance by Sara's nephew.  The mama chatted and the men watched the Iowa game.  Perfect conditions for a fall afternoon.  After C & I left, we ran some errands then headed home to enjoy the beautiful (and unusually warm) autumn day.  That night Mason & Charlie played soccer, Charlie had a bath, we read a zillion books, and then we all settled into our beds, assuming the next day would be just another day we'd get to spend as a family of three....

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