Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Life Right Now

At random moments throughout the day, I'll think to myself, "I've got to remember this!  I should sit down and write a blog post about this!  Oh, I can't forget to write about this!"  But then, life always seems to demand something of me right at that exact moment and leaves me feeling like I am responsible for all-the-things-right-at-this-moment.  And yet somehow, I'm managing to not feel overwhelmed-- but rather mildly humored by this crazy/chaotic/messy/loud and ultimately beautiful phase I find myself drenched in right now.

Our days have little to no routine, yet are fairly predictable.  Miss Anna is the sweetest baby and has a very mild temperament.  She eats well and sleeps well and tends to enjoy being awake around 4:00 in the morning.  (Good thing she's so cute.)  Charlie continues to be the best big brother Anna and her parents could ever wish for.  He's doting and nurturing and caring and our biggest complaint is that he's "in her face" way too much.  Maternity leave is amazing this time around-- sleeping in, enjoying an easy & relaxed 'morning routine', playing ipad and board games, and sending Charlie off to preschool consume our morning hours.  Before this "polar vortex" slapped us with a crazy cold snap, Anna and I enjoyed a walk almost every day/ morning.  We'd stop at the grocery store for a last minute supper ingredient or at the locker to pick up milk and eggs.  We'd browse books at the library and window shop for trinkets downtown.  We'd entertain visitors who dropped by with a casserole and a new adorable outfit for Anna. And we cuddle and sleep and sleep and cuddle.

Life with a baby is so much different this time around.  I can't decide if it's because Anna is so different from Charlie or that Mason & I are so different from the way we were five years ago.  Or it might be because our attention is distracted by that dinosaur-loving little guy running laps in our kitchen every evening at 6:45.   Or perhaps it's my attitude of what I describe as "calm gratefulness" and not crazy-hyper-worry (like it was when Charlie was a baby).  I look at Anna and continue to be amazed that she's even here-- that my body nurtured her for 9 whole months (plus a few days--but who's counting anymore?) without any complications.   I realize that our positive experience is likely a combination of all of these things--but whatever the reason, things just seem so much more okay this time around.

Case in point:
A few nights ago, Mason was working late.  (Aka: Mase was enjoying a Loras Soccer game.  'Tis the season! Rah Rah!  Go Duhawks!)

Anyway, 'twas the witching hour and everyone in our home was crying.  (I'd like to brag that my personal crying was due to slicing onions and surprisingly not due to an emotional meltdown.)  I brought both kids onto my lap to try to console them and they only cried harder.  At that moment, I paused and started to laugh at the craziness of the scene.  Enter: camera phone.  Nothing better than candid shots of crying kids, right?  No sooner had I whipped out the camera and raised my arm for Crying Selfie Shot #1 than all-the-tears-stopped.  Instantly.  So now my adorable crying kids photos turned out like this:

Lesson learned:  Bring out the phone in the midst of the next tantrum.  Probably won't work next time but it's worth a shot.

Okay, back to what's been happening....

I know.  There is no family resemblance at all, is there?

 Anna was smitten by Amelia.  She couldn't take her eyes off her.

Brothers with their babies.  (Penny is just a tad older than Anna.  And lots furrier.)

This baby LOVES sleeping in bed with her mama.  Oh, the things I said I'd never do.  

And she loves sleeping ON her mama.  Again, eating my words stated in a previous life.  
Sleeping on Daddy is okay too.

And the stinker will sleep in her crib during the day.  Just not at nighttime. 

When she sleeps, I maybe practice french braiding.
(Because in ten years she might have hair!  I know, geek of the week award for sure.  I'm okay with that.)

She smiles!

He smiles!
She doesn't smile as much in the evening but walking around facing the world seems to help a tiny bit.
And every tiny bit counts, right?  

True loves.

Snow bunny.  

(By the way: I have decided that dressing Anna in adorable albeit impractical winter outfits is going to be my winter-blues therapy this year.  I mean, really... can you stay grumpy with Mother Nature when a baby wears jeggings and furry Uggs?  Didn't think so. )

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  1. What a sweet pea! ! And nice job on the braiding!!