Monday, December 29, 2014

Anna: Two Months & Three Months

When Baby Charlie turned another month old, I popped his little monthly sticker on a onesie, propped him up in the glider and immediately took approximately fifty bajillion photos of him. Then, within the next five minutes, I would record the tiniest details of the previous month in his ever-growing baby book.

But poor Baby Anna really does seem to be suffering from that dreaded 2nd child syndrome.  The last two months, I've barely remembered to take a photo of her-- and when I do, it's a hurried and chaotic scene.  Her baby book doesn't contain carefully written details but is rather stuffed with papers and random clippings and photos for me to "someday" paste in place.  So enter the blogosphere!  It is here that I'll allow myself to catch up a bit, posting her two most recent month photos.  And someday, I really will get around to updating the baby book. 

Anna: Two Months

Anna: Three Months

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