Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Just a little Charlie-ism for your hump day....

Last night, I was putting away laundry and came out to the living room.  Charlie was bent over Anna, who was gazing up at him with her bright blue eyes.  She was babbling and cooing and locked in on Charlie's words.  What were his words?

"I love you so much Baby Sister.  I've always wanted a baby sister.  
I wanted a sister just like you and now I have you.  I just love you so so much."

Charlie is far from perfect.  He's maddening and infuriating and frustrating at times (I'm told this is normal for four year olds).  But man, that kid was born to be a big brother.  And so far, he's rockin' it. And me? Well, I couldn't be happier.  

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