Thursday, January 1, 2015

Merry #1

It seems like I just finally finished decorating our house for Christmas and now it's over.  Wrapping paper, brightly colored ribbons & bows, and cardboard boxes of every possible size tumble out of our over-flowing recycling bins.  Our garbage, filled with unneeded gift receipts and last weeks table scraps begs to be taken out.  Our twinkling Christmas lights clicked on at 5:00 yesterday morning and brightened our living room until the timer clicked them off again at 11:00 last night, for the last time this season.

I'm still half-drunk with the buzz of Christmas.  It was another magical time of year-- and such sweet memories were made.  This morning, all four of us slept in (after retiring to bed around 10:30 last night-- what a crazy New Year's Eve Celebration!) before eating breakfast and starting to dismantle the holiday decorations.  We had recorded the NYE ball drop so this morning we watched Taylor Swift sing her heart out in Times Square as we counted down until 2015.  It was actually kind of great-- I think we might have to do this again next year.  Well rested, no hangover, and all the fun of NYE.

Now, as I type this, my guys are watching football game after football game and my little girl fights the sleep that she so desperately needs.  (Maybe, just maybe, she'll konk out for a few minutes!)  So here's the holiday wrap-up from Spahnville.  I'm a little tired and working on borrowed time here, so the pictures are going to have to speak for themselves.

Christmas in Dubuque:

We ate a fantastic meal, opened presents (the super fun gifts were: Wubble Bubble, Over-the-door Basketball Hoop, Dinosaur Book, and Slot Cars!) and then watched "The Polar Express" in the theater.  After the movie, we played a wild game of Sequence before hitting the sheets for the night.  Everyone (aka: Anna) slept well, which quite possibly, was the best Christmas miracle of all.  

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