Thursday, January 1, 2015

Merry #3

On Friday afternoon, my parents made their way to our house, followed by my sister's family on Saturday morning.  We had a great time doing nothing in particular.  The day was spent chatting, eating, playing, changing diapers, rocking babies, kissing babies, giggling, laughing, and smiling.  Oh, and there might have been some rough housing and football playing as well.  Again, let's just let the pictures speak for themselves, shall we?

Anna slept through breakfast on Saturday morning.... Charlie and Papa enjoyed looking at his NFL cards and talking stats.

The babies enjoyed each other's company.  At one point, we looked over and Eloise was sucking on Anna's fist.  Anna didn't seem to mind and Eloise was very happy about it.

We posted this picture to Instagram and titled it: "Christmas Dinner"

Papa and the "bigs"

At one point, we heard Nora say: "Uncle Mason, can I have some snuggles please?"  Uncle Mason was happy to oblige.

Oh, these two....

I LOVED having a baby around at Christmas.  Love. Love. Love.

The ladies received homemade gifts from me...

It's a stomp rocket!

Testing out the stomp rocket ("It goes ONE HUNDRED FEET in the air, Mom!") on this freezing a$$ day.

Nora thought the whole thing was a little over-rated.

We called this one: "Dessert"

Hey guys, let's set up the tripod and take some family pictures, shall we?  Sure.  Why not?

Oh wait, these people do take a nice picture!  It just takes ten thousand takes...

And now let's bring out the photo props...

I agree, Anna.  Time for a long winter's nap.

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