Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Anna: Four Months

Is it fair that all of Anna's month photos will have Big Brother in them?  Yes, I believe so.  He is a HUGE part of her life, so I find it perfect that he's with her in each milestone photo.

So here we are: January 21, 2015
Anna is already FOUR months old!!

What life is like:

*  Anna is a very happy baby--- although she rarely smiles for the camera. Stinker.
*  She has found her voice and uses it often.  Her favorite sounds are "bubbling" her tongue like making motor-sounds.  She also likes all-out screeches.
*  She's ticklish.  Mostly on her chest, her sides, and her thighs.  And who can resist those thighs!?
*  Charlie is her LOVE.  Unsettled? Fussy? Tired? Uninterested in anything?  Enter Charlie and all is right with the world.  She watches him and smiles at him and giggles at everything he does.  I often find him in her crib reading books to her after she has woken up.
*  Favorite activities include: watching Charlie run back and forth in the living room, watching Charlie and Daddy play football/basketball/baseball/soccer/wrestling/chase in the basement, and nursing.
*  She loves to instantly roll over from back to tummy.... but then gets pissy when she can't figure out how to get rolled back over.
*  She LOVES to watch TV.  Young and the Restless is her favorite.  And The Bachelor.
*  She found her toes!  Life is so fun when you can play with your toes.
*  She can go 4-5-6 hours between feedings.  Only during the day.  At night she prefers to nurse often.  And her mother cannot resist her smile at 3:00 am.
*  She always smiles at 3:00 am.  And giggles when Mama whispers, "You're supposed to be sleeping little girl."
*  She sits in her chair (on our table) during supper and loves to watch us eat.  She's an adorable centerpiece.
*  Her Daddy captivates her and ALWAYS makes her giggle.  The way they look at each other melts-my-heart.
*  Four months, and I can't even remember life without her.

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  1. She is adorable, and lucky to have such a great big brother!