Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Warming Up in Arizona

In January, I was sitting in my (new  and very comfy) chair, and mindlessly attending to one of the three things I do at night.
  1.  Hold Anna
  2.  Rock Anna
  3.  Nurse Anna
I can't remember which one I was doing.  But I was also doing another of my favorite pasttimes-- complaining about Iowa winter weather.  (Complaining is a pretty mild term, actually.  In all honesty, I was probably down-right bitching about it being snowy and cold and blustery and all-the-things-I-hate outside.  But I digress.)  In a moment of hasty bitching, I made a comment about running away to Arizona.

Mason glanced up from his tv viewing, shrugged his shoulders, and said, "Buy a ticket."

And that's all it took for the Heavens to open up and angels sang beautiful songs of sun and warmth. And then, golden light rays of opportunity began seeping out from every snow-covered blade of grass and sliding off every snow-covered roof on our street.

"Seriously?  You better be careful what you say or I'm totally out of here."

Mase shrugged again and said, "You'll never have this time again.  Go for it.  I'll take care of Charlie.  It'll be fun."

And just like that, I was texting my wife asking her if I could come visit for a week.  And an hour later, I had an email confirmation from Allegiant proving that I was escaping this tundra for one glorious week.

There is nothing better than boarding a plane in 10 degree weather and then stepping off that same plane three hours later --only to feel warm 60 degree air on your skin.  It's amazing.

Our whole trip was amazing, actually.  Even though Miss Anna came down with a fever and battled a cough/ stuffy nose the entire time, she knew enough to not complain while she was on vacation.  She was such a trooper!

We soaked up as much sunshine as possible-- even if it was just hanging out in Kelly's backyard.

The babes got to know each other-- Jay let Anna explore him.  I'm not sure if he liked it or just knew he was screwed because he can't roll over yet.

When I asked Anna what she thought of the warm weather....

A walk with our little ones...

Meeting Gramma Karen.  Both ladies seemed pretty enamored with each other.

A morning walk with my girl-- the sun tuckered her out.

Charlie wanted a picture of Anna next to a cactus.  Here ya go, Buddy!

Oh my god.  This picture.  I can't even.

That tongue!

She was finished with the photos but I wasn't.  Selfies in February?  Don't mind if I do!

When Anna realized there was a big brother in Kelly's house, her entire world lit up!  She watched Turner like she watches Charlie-- and smiled every time he came around.

A walk with the whole crew

Me & my girl on our girl's trip

A little Arizona landscaping for you.

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!

My family.  (Well, might as well be.)  I love them like they're my own.  And I can't wait until the next time I see them again.

And while it's always sad to leave the sunshine and a friend who knows you almost better than you know yourself, being reunited with the other half of my heart was pretty great too.  Until next time, Arizona.


  1. I gotta ask, how did you break it to Charlie that he wasnt going on this trip? How did he handle it?

    1. Ha! It honestly didn't really hit him until they dropped us off at the airport and then he started asking why he wasn't going. We told him he couldn't miss four days of preschool and that he would get to have lots of daddy nights this way. Just mention getting hair cuts with Daddy and getting to play in the basement all alone with him seemed to do the trick. But honestly, while I was there, I missed him-- especially since he would have had so much fun with Turner! Next trip to AZ, he'll definitely be packed!