Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Anna: Five Months

This post is late, but isn't that what a mom's supposed to do when it comes to the 2nd child?

Let's take a look at my FIVE (almost six) month old!!  

Anna continues to be such a happy baby.  She's growing and changing right before my eyes, and unlike Charlie's baby days, I'm savoring every second of these moments.  I'm not quite sure why things are so much more sentimental this time around, but I have a feeling it has to do with the fact that I fully realize what a miracle this baby is.  And, if I'm being honest with myself (and you), I feel a tiny bit more prepared this time around.  Anyway, back to the subject at hand:  adorable baby Anna. 

Isn't she adorable?  

Someday Big Brother will kill me for including these next ones.  But not today.  Man, they're so cute together.

So what is Anna up to at five months?

* is still Charlie's #1 fan.  Her face lights up when he's in sight.  And he's usually in sight.
* has tried rice cereal and is showing an interest in food.  She often reaches for plates/bowls/forks/spoons/etc when we are eating
* has a bit of a short attention span and likes to be entertained by many different things.
* can roll over front to back, but has only done it a few times.
* puts everything (and I mean everything) in her mouth.  Toys, tags, fingers & toes, are among her favorites.
* "has got to be teething!"--- because she's been a drooling mess for about two months.  So far, no teeth have popped through!
* loves taking a bath with Charlie.  He thinks it's hilarious when she tries to eat his little Smurfs, she thinks it's hilarious when she splashes in the water.
*  still isn't really into sleeping through the night.  Mama wants to care but quite frankly, doesn't.
* enjoys being carried in the ring sling-- especially when Mama is doing things around the house.  We think it's good to keep the local chiropractor in business, after all.
* loves hanging out in her Jump-a-roo.  Watching Charlie and Daddy play soccer or basketball or football is a favorite.
* started going to daycare and is the most popular person there.  She loves all the attention and those crazy dogs at Nicole's house.
* left the state of Iowa for the first time--flew on a plane with Mama to Arizona!  (She was the hit of the party-- every grandma wished they were sitting close enough to hold her for a minute)
* loves looking at books with baby faces, although she mostly tries to eat them.

As mentioned millions of times before, Anna is the perfect addition to our family.  She makes me smile and laugh and I thank the Universe for her every single day.  She completes us-- and I'm convinced none of us will ever be the same after knowing her and her sweet, loving, spirit.  

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