Thursday, March 26, 2015

Anna: Six Months

Seriously.  Can time go any faster?  I think not.

Baby Sister is SIX months old!  Augh!

Oh. My. Cuteness.
Baby Anna has one-thousand-percent captured my heart.  And possibly made me into a baby-lover. That smile.  Those toes.  And puh-leeeese, could she get any chunkier/tastier/squeezier thighs?  I want to gobble her up-- and often do.

Okay.  Enough about the thighs.  What's our sweet baby girl up to now?


*  Anna has the best smile.  She smiles biggest for Charlie.  And Daddy.  And sometimes she gives her mama a little smirk-- but I know it's just because I have milk.

*  She's started eating solid foods and is a champ.  So far, she loves bananas and peaches and butternut squash and sweet potatoes.... and wasn't too thrilled with carrots.  We'll try those again soon.

*  She's slept through the night a few times!  Like, really through the night-- not just six hours!  We're still working on not nursing at 4:30 am, but we'll get there.

*  Daycare is going great.  She loves her friends there and is apparently amused by the dogs (crazy dogs) who constantly entertain her.

*  Anna loves her toes.  She's constantly playing with them, pulling on them, sucking them.  She takes her socks off just to get her little paws on those piggies.  Can't say that I blame her....they're pretty darn cute.

*  She loves to sit up-- and does a great job.  She entertains herself with her toys, but lets us know that she'd rather have someone nearby playing with her.

*  We've taken a few bike rids when the weather has been nice enough and she seems to love riding in the trailer.

*  Anna is very ticklish-- especially on her chest and her thighs.  She will squeal with delight when tickled and then we squeal with delight because the whole thing is so cute.

*  Her newest trick is opening and closing her hand--like a little beauty queen wave.  She does this to the carpet, to the furniture, to blankets, and especially to our heads.  (Heads are her favorite.)

* Anna's personality is growing every day.  She's laid back yet determined.  She's patient and tolerant of the constant love she receives from her brother.  She loves being carried and held and rocked... but also seems pretty content in her own space.

Everyday seems to be more good stuff.  Getting to know Anna and watching our family change with her presence has been such a treasure.   Happy month-a-birthday Sweetheart.


  1. She is just adorable, Karah! Glad to hear you are all doing well!

    1. Thanks Lisa!! Life couldn't be any better right now!