Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Catching Up: A Tinkerbell Birthday Party

Let's pretend it's June 1st.  Let's pretend the kids are just getting out of school and summer is just on the tip of our tongues.  Let's forget about the fact that I haven't posted anything in, well, a really long time. Let's pretend Miss Nora is just turing FOUR!!  

Hey Anna, do you like to party?! 

I was worried about not getting photos of people so I handed the phone over to my trusty assistant: Charlie, who captured the following pics. 

As evidenced by the photos, the party was great fun for grown-ups and kids.  My cousins (who live just down the highway from Liz) were able to make it with their littles-- and judging by the amount of pixie sticks and goodies they indulged in, I think it's safe to say they enjoyed themselves as well. 

The weather was a little chilly early on, but eventually it warmed up enough to be outside.  The kids ran and played and slid and swung and the grown ups enjoyed a little fresh air.

You may notice Miss Anna is noticeably absent in these pictures-- because she was taking a colossal nap upstairs!!  

Everything was beautifully coordinated and simply stated.  We had plenty of delicious food (complete with Linda's famous egg rolls) and yummy treats and even a few fun games.  I would say the party was a huge success.  And most importantly, this little one seemed to have a fantastic time celebrating!  She's such a sweetie, we can't believe she's already four years old-- but in other ways, it seems she should be turning sixteen years old instead!  I think great things are in her future.

Happy Birthday Miss Nora.

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