Friday, June 5, 2015

The Time I forgot to Post About Mother's Day

It's almost a month later and I realized that I hadn't posted anything about Mother's Day 2015. Honestly, I can't even remember what we did.  I know that Mason and Charlie were out of town until Sunday evening but when they came home, Charlie gave me beautiful flowers and an adorable card. Oh, and Anna's first tooth came in!  But that's it, that's all I know for sure.  Which is exactly why I have this blog-- so that I have some way of remembering all these things that fly by so quickly.

And we captured a quick picture before Anna zonked out.  (I'm not sure why the color is all funky-- it's been edited in Photos but isn't synching or something.  Ah, technology.)   

Some time, I will write more about motherhood and having a mom and being a mom and having 'mothers' who are not actually my mother-- who are just amazing women in my life.  I will write about how I love being a mama to two littles, who are so similar yet already so different.  I will write that I can't believe my heart found room to love Anna as intensely and faithfully as I love Charlie-- but she fits in perfectly and there's plenty o' love to go around.  I will close that post by admitting that these two little lives are my whole heart-- I'm sure of it. Everything else in my life is just icing in the cake (I have a lot of icing!).  Yes, someday I will write about all of those things.  But right now, I'm headed to bed-- After all, I'm a mother and this mama is tired.  Sweet dreams y'all.      

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