Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Little Festival Called Felix-Grundy

Charlie spent most of last week with my parents (more about that later and once I have the pics from my mama) but he's now back home in Spahnville.  We're pretty sure life sucks here compared to life with my parents, but I guess that's probably normal.  At least he returned to some fun happenings in Grundy-- the annual Felix-Grundy Festival.

Every small town has it's little celebration and the weekend after the 4th of July is always ours.  The "schedule of events"  listed things like self-guided garden tour and story hour in the park.  These are in addition to the vendors and inflatables set up on the courthouse lawn.  Clowns paint faces, an artist draws caracatures, and home-based businesses sell their goods while musicians serendade us from the center gazebo.

This weekend, the weather was perfect (well, maybe a tad muggy) for Felix-Grundy.  We headed up to the courthouse on Friday night to grab a bite to eat and check things out.  Charlie and his friend waited in a forever line to get balloon hats that they then refused to wear.  (Seriously.  Kids.) We saw several people we knew (impossible not to, actually) and enjoyed the summer festivities.

On Saturday, we enjoyed more of the activities uptown (free inflatables!) and then sat back and watched the longest parade ever.  At least both kids were amused.

Charlie finally figured out that the more he eats at the parade....well, the more he eats at the parade.

Anna's first Fla-vor-ice.  Mmmm... green sticky goodness.

Oh, and Daddy was in the parade again!

Wasn't the Spahn & Rose float cool?  (Hometown Hoedown was the theme)

Mason tried to get Anna's attention...

but she was more excited about the candy...

Another Felix-Grundy celebration in the books.  Until next year....

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