Friday, July 24, 2015

Anna: Ten Months

Does it seem like I JUST posted Anna's nine month update?  Maybe it's because we're consumed with summer fun or maybe it's because I post things late or maybe it's because time just seems to fly by quicker every month!  At any rate, Little Sister has turned TEN months old.  Here's what she's up to:

* Has decided to boycott baby food.  We have a few servings of baby food leftover in the freezer but she's really not interested in eating them.  She wants what we are eating.  The other night, she ate half of a hamburger-- just mowed right through the thing.  Charlie had taken about two bites of his in the time it took her to chow down.  She also loves raspberries, peaches, watermelon, canteloupe, and bananas.  Lately, she's been eating sandwich meat and cheese and toast (she is crazy for toast) and she thinks she's very cool stealing water from my Camelbak.  (She had no problem figuring out the straw on that one.) When we give her the little baby "Puffs", she grabs them and whips them off her tray or intentionally drops them on the floor, as if to say "Baby food?  I don't eat baby food!" 

* Has also decided to boycott nursing.  I have mixed feelings about this.  She nurses in the morning and has bottles for her other feedings.  I would have loved to nurse her longer but she was like a lion in a cage and just kept biting!!  And though Mason would joke that, "It's just nipples-- what's the big deal!?" I assure you that once a baby with a mouth full of teeth starts biting, it's time to say bye-bye to the boob.

*  Speaking of teeth.... Anna has bunches of them.  I am the WORST 2nd kid mom because I have not recorded a single tooth popping through.  I keep trying to make a note of the day they came through but honestly, I've forgotten when they happened and in which order.  All I know is that when they come in, they really disrupt her sleep and she's not nearly as content during the day as she is normally.  I think she has seven or eight teeth now.

* Is getting closer and closer to walking!  She pulls up on everything-- and of course, I am her favorite "toy" to climb on at the moment (especially when I'm making supper).  She pushes things around in the living room and when we can't find her for a minute, she's always in the bathroom playing with the step-stool or (god forbid) the toilet.  I know it's gross but that's kind of the way we roll (when Mason's gone, anyway).

* Loves getting into EVERYTHING.  We never baby-proofed anything when Charlie was  a baby.  He seemed to understand that this world is a dangerous place from the beginning (and he's still that way!) and he never really let his curiosity get the best of him.  But Anna is constantly exploring and finding new things to get into.  Lately, she loves to open her dresser drawers and pull out the entire contents.

* Has some favorite toys: My shoes are at the top of the list (she especially enjoys my wedges, not sure why) and then step-stools are probably a close second.  She also really loves playing with phone and computer chargers, belts, and wet washcloths.  Oh, and any kind of cell phone is usually good entertainment too.

* Loves playing "Where's Anna?" after bath time.  She'll pull the towel over her head while we ask, "Where's Anna?" and then she'll push the towel off her and squeal with delight as we screech "There she is!" (This game is more fun in person and sounds pretty lame when typed out, doesn't it?)

* Is an early bird.  A very early bird.  I'm trying to get her to sleep until 6:30 but most days she's up by 5:45 or so.  Right now, I don't mind taking her for a walk before we get the day started but I'm a little nervous for this routine after school starts....

* Has a favorite person in this house and it isn't Mama.  It's her big brother.  She'll constantly crawl into his room or follow him around.  She smiles as soon as she sees him and bounces with excitement whenever he gives her love and hugs and kisses.  I have to admit that it's a pretty sweet sight.

* Continues to have the sweetest personality.  She's friendly and happy and loves to meet new people.  She doesn't make strange too often, although she checks to make sure I'm nearby when someone new holds her.

Every day I get to know her a little more and I love learning about the person she is.  I can hardly believe we only have one more of these 'month onesies' before she turns a year...  How on EARTH did that happen!?  

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